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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Appear in Court Over ‘Stolen’ VR Technology

Mark Zuckerberg is expected to appear in a Dallas court on Tuesday to defend his company over claims it stole virtual reality technology. Zenimax...

Facebook is Testing the Fight against Fake News Ability in Germany

Facebook is expanding its abilities and measures to combat fake news beyond the U.S. by testing first these waters by rolling out the updates...

Facebook is Doing Research to Read Brainwaves and Allows People to Send their Thoughts...

Telekinesis and telepathy are staples of sci-fi films in the past. Soon, however, this all could be the stuff of reality as sci-fi takes...

Google and Facebook Bring Full Dominance to Internet Advertising

Google and Facebook are the two tech giants that have brought full dominance in the digital advertising market on the internet. In their almost...

Facebook’s Weapon Against Trolls and Extremists: College Students

Online harassment, trolling, and religious and violent extremism is growing at an alarming rate on social media. People online are getting ridiculed, sexually harassed,...

Facebook’s Fake-News Problem Was Solved in 36 Hours by Freshmen College Students

You’ve probably haven’t heard the names of Anant Goel, Nabanita De, Qinglin Chen, and Mark Craft. These names probably would have made Hillary Clinton...

Did You Die Last Friday? Facebook Probably Said You Did. (So Did Mark Zuckerberg)

A creepy Facebook bug unwittingly caused people’s profile pages to display that they died last Friday. Apparently this included founder Mark Zuckerberg. But in...

Google versus Facebook: Is An Upcoming War Brewing Between the Two?

If you recall, back in April of this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his grand 10-year roadmap showing what Facebook will become by...

Facebook Plans to Show More Potentially Offensive and ‘Newsworthy’ Posts in Your News Feed

Facebook may soon lower its censorship standards and display more graphic content including violence and nudity that will be deemed more “newsworthy” or important...

What Perks Do You Get When You Work For Facebook, Google, and Airbnb?

Naturally, we all spend the majority of our day (sometimes night, if you get the night shift) at work. Therefore, it’s only fair to...

Facebook Faces WhatsApp Issue in Germany – Told to Stop Collecting Data from Users

The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has recently informed Facebook to cease and desist its present collection of user’s data...

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg And Wife Priscilla Chan Plans To Donate $3 Billion To...

What do you do when you’re filthy rich and own Facebook? You donate billions of dollars to put an end to all disease. Seems...
Facebook Live Video Streaming

Is Facebook LIVE Going To Kill YouTube? Video Streaming War Heats Up.

It’s no secret that Facebook and YouTube are in an all­out war for the video market. But what most people don’t know? Facebook is actually...

Facebook Plans to Develop New Tools for Tackling Video Piracy

Video piracy is something with which people are suffering worldwide and not matter how serious reforms companies take, it looks like there is simply...

How Facebook Prepares Your News Feed

Facebook shows you a lot of stuff on your news feed. Have you ever wondered how Facebook decides what you might be interested to...

Facebook, Not Google, is the Best Traffic Source for News

Those who are associated with news related websites or publishers will definitely acknowledge the importance of social referrals, the links that people share on...

Facebook’s “Live” Streaming Video Feature Becomes LIVE Only For Celebrities

Since its inception, Facebook has brought a huge number of changes in its platform for both users and businesses. While it has become more...

Now You Can Send Messages Directly to Businesses Through Ads on Facebook

Contact someone who is running a Facebook Page has now become extremely easy. Now you can simply head over to that person’s profile or...

Facebook Videos and Big Data to Compete against YouTube

Facebook shares the desire to become the best- no denying, it is indeed the best! Delighted with the idea to become your favorite Internet...

Facebook in News- All for Good Reasons!

It seems that the day with Facebook is all green and sunny! Closing at an all-time High last night, Facebook registers a worth of...

Facebook Shutdowns Acqui-hired Firm Branch Media

The session of long winded conversations, the feel of togetherness and the idea of making new friends will no longer remain the same! The...

Facebook to Support GIF Animation in the News Feed!

Hold your breath, and keep calm- if you are a Facebook user or a GIFs lover, then there is quite a piece of news...

Facebook Acquiring Popular Meerkat LiveStream App? Learn Why.

In the world of some well-established brands, workaholic startups and failing businesses, there came a power that started with a roar! The Rising of...

Why There Is No ‘Dislike’ Button On Facebook

Should there be a 'dislike' button on Facebook?

Pope Francis Not Going To Bless Facebook With His Presence

Pope Francis won't get an official Facebook page.

WhatsApp Hits The 500 Million Users Mark; Growth Faster Than That Of Facebook

WhatsApp, popular in its own right, seems to have been buoyed by its connection with social networking mammoth Facebook. In February this year, Facebook...

Facebook Wanted to Buy Snapchat for $3 Billion, Gets Rejected

Facebook has already spent $1 billion to acquire Instagram and it looked like Snapchat was next on their target list. The social network reportedly offered $3 billion to acquire Snapchat, but the people at Snapchat said no. That's bold.

Zuckerberg Hoping To Partner with Samsung for New Facebook Device?

According to a report, Zuckerberg has met with Samsung to discuss possible plans for a Samsung smartphone that would feature deeper Facebook integration.

Login with Amazon Challenges Facebook-Based Logins

And so, the world's largest e-tailer has come forward with what it suitably calls Login with Amazon. It works in fundamentally the same way as Login with Facebook, but users can optionally connect their existing Amazon information

HTC First UK Launch Delayed as Facebook Home Continues to Receive Mixed Reception

In light of mixed to poor reception for Facebook Home, the HTC First is now being delayed from its expected UK launch. What does this mean for Facebook?

Facebook Home Updates To Bring Big Changes In The Future

Facebook will be releasing an update in the future which will bring features such as an app dock, folders, and more to their Home app.

Android Lead Designer On Facebook Home

Although the Facebook Home has received mostly bad reviews at Google Play, the Android UX design chief Matias Duarte has only praises for the app.

Facebook Home Installed 500k Times, But How Many Times Has it Been Uninstalled?

Facebook Home has surpassed 500k downloads nine days after it hit Google Play. But reviews about it have been mostly bad.
Facebook Home

How to Get Facebook Home Working With Just About Any Android Phone

Facebook Home is here, at least for a limited number of devices. The good news is that there is a way to get many other devices working with Facebook Home.

Home Good For Both Facebook And Google, But Not Apple

We are taking a look at why the newly released Home app is good for both Facebook and Google, and why Apple comes into the picture.

Introducing Facebook Home and the HTC First

Today Facebook officially unveiled its new Android launcher, Facebook Home. Additionally, the first phone to come with the launcher will be the HTC First.
android facebook home os

Facebook Home Custom Android OS to Launch at April 4th Event

If a new rumor is to be believed, Facebook's upcoming April 4th event will be focused on the social network giants first foray in...

Netflix Introduces Facebook Integration for Social Viewers

Thankfully, it is an opt-in system. Only those subscribers who choose to share their viewing habits will have said viewing habits become visible to their friends (and vice versa).

Facebook Announces Revamped News Feed, Will Slowly Rollout

Facebook has introduced a revamped news feed for making home pages cleaner and more vibrant, but it’s going to take a while before it hits all users around the world.
LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G Pro Official Image Released to LG’s Facebook Page

Last week we reported on the LG Optimus G Pro, a 5.5-inch G Pro variant. Now the company has posted an official image of the handset to its Facebook page.
HTC Myst

HTC Myst Rumored to Be the ‘Facebook Phone’

We haven’t heard much news on the Facebook Phone of late, but now a Twitter user has now come out with information on such a device, known as the HTC Myst.

Facebook Graph Search Arrives For Early Beta Users

Alongside the Graph Search release just 9 days ago, Facebook put out a beta waiting list. Now, according to The Verge, reports have been coming in that Facebook is rolling out Graph Search to early beta users. We joined the waiting list just a few hours after the big event. However, we are having no luck accessing it.

Facebook Blocks Twitter’s Vine From Accessing Your Friends

Earlier today, Twitter introduced a new video sharing service called Vine. The main goal of the service is to have social networking users share videos instantly on Twitter and Facebook. The main drawback? Well, there's a few.

Possible Facebook Phone To Be Announced Tomorrow? [Rumor]

Recently there have been many rumors of a Facebook possibly releasing a cell phone. However, Mark Zuckerberg has adamantly denied on two separate occasions, in July and in September, that these rumors are not true. However on Tuesday January 15th, Facebook has scheduled a press event. So the question is, what is the topic of this event?

Netflix Set to Share Watched Video History Via Facebook

For some time now, Netflix has wanted to integrate social media into their customer's video watching experience. That has been prevented due to the United State's Video Privacy Protection Act. The bill prevented companies from sharing customer's watched videos without written consent from the customer.

Facebook iOS App Now Allows You to Install Apps Directly from Ads

Today Facebook announced that it is providing several new options for users and developers when it comes to viewing and creating ads that allow mobile app installation.

Facebook Rumored to be Developing Snapchat-Like App

With Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram earlier this year, it is well known they have great interest in mobile apps. With that in mind, Facebook is now said to be working on a new app. This mobile app, set to be released in a couple of weeks, is supposed to be similar to that of Snapchat.
Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android Finally Gets A Native App

Hate Facebook for Android? You aren't alone. The app is known for being a slow and terrible mess. The good news is that Facebook has finally recognized the problem and built a new version from the ground up. The latest update has better load and resume times, improved overall navigation and much more.

Facebook Releases Automatic Photo Sync

Facebook just released a new feature to its mobile phone app for iOS and Android devices called “Photo Sync”, an automatic sync of your gallery photos to Facebook. Don’t panic yet, read on.

Facebook Pushes Employees to Use Android

When recent Facebook app updates only came to the iPhone, some Android users started asking questions. If you look close enough, it's not hard...