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BlackBerry AK is a Touchscreen-Equipped Apple Killer


Chalk this one up in the unconfirmed rumor column, but there’s word going around that Research in Motion is working on a BlackBerry that is designed to dethrone the iPhone. And they’ve codenamed it “AK” for Apple Killer (no apparent reference to the assault rifle). This is a decidedly different handheld than the upcoming BlackBerry 9000-series, which has since been ...

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CTIA Best in Show Awarded to Samsung Instinct


The CTIA Wireless 2008 show is one of the best places to see the latest and greatest in cell phone technology, so it’s always interesting to see which mobile phone takes home the award for being the absolute best handset on display at the show. After scouring through all the various offerings, the blue ribbon was given to the Samsung ...

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Video Review: Samsung Giorgio Armani Touchscreen Phone


It’s easy enough to say that these phones are attacking the same chunk of the market as the Apple iPhone, but when you consider products like the LG Prada and the Samsung Armani, the Korean variants have definitely taken a more upscale approach by partnering with high-end fashion companies. Not to say that the functionality is equally upscale. The Samsung ...

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AT&T Roadmap Points Toward Business-Minded iPhone


AT&T wants to prove NASA wrong. The general public probably views the Apple iPhone as more of an entertainment-minded handset than one that is appropriate for business purposes, but AT&T is aiming to market a more business-oriented model that’ll make its way into boardrooms across the country. This internal AT&T slide encourages sales people to “leverage the iPhone” and to ...

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iPhone Beware, the Samsung Croix Touchscreen Phone Is on the Prowl


Wow, is everyone making a cell phone to compete directly against the iPhone these days? I thought the iPhone didn’t offer anything particularly novel to the mobile phone game — we’ve seen plenty of full touchscreen phones before — but man alive are there are a lot of handsets that bear an uncanny similarity to the Cupertino handset. The latest ...

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It Costs Apple How Much to Make an iPhone?!?


We all know that the retail price for an 8GB iPhone is $599 with a two-year contract, but how much does it actually cost the people in Cupertino to produce a single unit. You might be surprised by the answer. In the world of video games, there are some rather disparate stories. For each PlayStation 3 that Sony sells, they ...

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Fairplay DRM music to work on a non-Apple DAP?


I think the stars are aligned tonight, because we’ve come across a simple, straight-forward solution that essentially tricks “iTunes into thinking that the [non-Apple] device is an iPod.” In this way, Fairplay DRM-protected content can quickly and easily find its way onto your favorite Creative Zen, Sandisk Sansa, or Samsung Yepp. DoubleTwist Ventures, a partnership between “DVD” Jon Johansen and ...

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Samsung announces Media Studio to compete with iTunes


Samsung has seen how well Apple is doing with its iTunes music store and now they want a piece of the Action. The Korean company has unveiled their own version, which they have called Media Studio. It is a major upgrade of their existing Yepp Studio software. Using Media Studio, Samsung MP3 player owners are able to store, play and ...

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DVD Format War Frustrating Retailers


The current struggle for supremacy in the DVD technology sector is frustrating consumers and retailers. The high-stakes war between HD DVD and Blu-ray is certain to escalate this year and could, electronics retailers warn, leave both out in the cold. At the heart of the matter is a disagreement between Toshiba and Sony over which technology to implement in the ...

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Apple inks new deal to secure Flash memory for iPod


On Monday, Apple, in a move to preempt any threat to its supply of flash memory used in its iPod, has decided to pay in advance $1.25 billion to its suppliers amid growing demands for chips. The payments will be made over a period of three months to some of the leading suppliers of NAND flash memory which will ensure ...

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Move over iTunes, Samsung wants a piece


Trying to improve sales of its portable music players, Samsung, said on Thursday it will offer technical support to its online music partners such as Napster and Yahoo Music. Samsung would be following Apples example. By offering iPod owners an easy way to download music, store it on their PC and then transfer it to the music player for playback, ...

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Samsung develops MP3 player for Napster


Samsung Electronics and Napster are forging a technology and marketing partnership to improve the experience of consumers using digital music. The partnership – announced today at Samsung’s DigitALL Inspiration 2003 Showcase by Eric Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Marketing Operations and Digital Solution Center for Samsung Electronics, and Chris Gorog, Chairman and CEO of Roxio, the parent ...

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Daily Deals: PowerGen 3.1A Dual USB Car Charger for 73% Off


That's why you should charge them up every chance you get and this dual USB car charger from PowerGen looks like it's the perfect solution for all you road warriors out there.

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LG G2 Official: Here’s What We Know


Now the LG G2 is official! The LG G2 brings with it impressively high-end specs, and quite a few unique “awareness” features as well.

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HTC Expects to See Q3 Operating Loss of Up to 8%


In its official quarterly report for the Q2, HTC warns its investors that they should expect to see their operating margin fall into the red for Q3. Indeed, they're saying that they could see an operating loss of as much as 8%.

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