Consequences Of Android’s “Openness”

rguments of both analysts tend to agree that the openness of Android as its strong point is suddenly nowhere to be found when business and market considerations prevail. Sure, from a business standpoint, it really doesn’t matter what platform and development models are used in a given product: it’s an impact of a product itself that has an importance.

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We Want The Source Code

The legal battles between Apple and Samsung just won’t stop. The battle between the two largest tech innovators has crossed continents and oceans even to land in an Australian courtroom. It has been reported that Samsung has recently requested to see Apple’s source code for the iPhone 4S firmware.

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Motorola Xoom Android 3.1 Tablet Review

The Apple iPad may still reign supreme in the world of consumer tablets, but the Android side of the equation is quickly picking up steam. While early Android tablets only ran on blown-up versions of the smartphone OS, Android 3.0 Honeycomb introduced a tablet-centric version of the platform with several tablet-centric optimizations. And the first to take advantage of these optimizations was the Motorola Xoom.

HP internal testing reveals webOS running twice as fast on iPad

We’re hearing that internal testing at HP led to the loading of webOS onto an Apple iPad and, well, it blew the TouchPad out of the water. The precise details are quite scarce, but we’re hearing that webOS ran “twice as fast” on the Apple iPad hardware than it did on the HP TouchPad. This leads us to believe that it’s the hardware, and not the software, that led to the ultimate demise of webOS at HP.

Google set to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

This is a total game changer. When Motorola split off its Motorola Mobility department into a separate business, we just thought that they were looking to give the handset segment a more direct focus. As it turns out, they may have been gearing up for today. Google has announced it will be buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned from the EU

German courts have ruled in Apple’s favour in the California company’s latest lawsuit against Samsung. The ruling states that no Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets will be sold in the European Union (Netherlands excluded) due to alleged infringement of both patents and style. Any store who infringes on the ban and continues to sell the device will face either $350,000 fines or imprisonment of management.

Should we expect fewer Google Android tablets next year?

Just when I thought Android was on the cusp of giving the iPad a run for its money, there’s word that companies are scaling back their Android tablet operations in light of less than stellar sales. This comes by way of DigiTimes, which is saying these companies are instead shifting their attention toward “supersized” Android smartphone instead.

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REVIEW – $188 CherryPad 7-inch Android tablet

CherryPal’s claim to fame came when they released the world’s first $99 laptop with a 7-inch screen back in 2009. The 400 MHz cpu with 256 GB RAM and 2GB of flash memory was by no means a workhorse, but it didn’t need to be. CherryPal makes devices a couple generations behind the current markets offerings, this is because they target lower income families, educational institutions and “emerging markets.”

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Sony Ericsson sticking with Android smartphones for now

XPERIA X10. XPERIA Arc. XPERIA Play. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Sony Ericsson is very much cozying up with Google Android, but now the company has made it official. I wouldn’t go so far as to say SE is putting a ring on it, but they are sounding pretty committed.

The evolution of the tablet, as told by Motorola (video)

If you listen to some people, they’ll tell you that the tablet is a relatively new phenomenon. That tablets really only became relevant when Apple came forward with the iPad. Well, Motorola begs to differ, and it has come forward with qutie a clever little video of its own to show off the evolution of the tablet.

CherryPad 7-inch Android tablet pops the $200 price point

CherryPal is now shipping their $188 Android tablet. It’s less than half the price of an iPad, and the company says early user experiences of the CherryPad are “extremely positive.” With Android 2.1 on board, the CherryPad has full access to the Android Market. We’ve heard of other tablets not getting full access, so this is something substantial with all things considered.

Ballmer promises Windows-powered tablets before end of year

The Apple iPad has quickly become ubiquitous and Android tablets will surely enjoy some popularity too. Not to sit idly by, Steve Ballmer is quick to point out that Microsoft has its stake in this arena too. He’s promising that the “new slates with Windows on them” will be shown off to world this Christmas.

LG cancels Android 2.2 Froyo tablet slated for 2010 release

When Google released the Android operating system it was never intended to be used on large screen tablet devices. Some companies went ahead regardless and manufactured tablets with Android in order to create some type of competition for Apple’s iPad, whether that competition really existed or not in terms of sales is another story, regardless, these companies are definitely getting attention in the media.

BlackBerry Playbook tablet by RIM unveiled, WiFi only in 2011

RIM has today announced the BlackBerry Playbook tablet running on the newly revealed BlackBerry Tablet OS. The Adobe Flash touting PlayBook is doing everything Apple missed in their first round, but with millions of units already sold, Apple isn’t breaking a sweat yet. The PlayBook has dual HD cameras for the highest-quality video conferencing available from any handheld device.

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 Photo: Gizmodo
BlackBerry Torch review finds abysmal display

Gizmodo got their hands on one of the first BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphones from RIM. Their verdict? The screen has such a low-res, it’s like going back to SD after watching HD for a year. It’s a 480×360 display and a “grisly sight,” the text is jaggy and ugly when compared to an Android or iPhone display.

iPhone 4G, rumors, specs, what will it be? Here it is.

Now that the iPad has been unveiled to the public and in the hands of an elite few, what more speculation can we conjure about those crazy kids at Cupertino? It just so happens that I got a call from Aaron Vronko at Rapid Repair. As the service manager, Aaron and his team dissect roughly 500 iPhones and iPods per week. Who better to speak on mythical Apple products than someone who rips their guts out all day?

HSPA Launch List for Bell Mobility Revealed

Rogers Wireless (and its Fido underling) will soon have to relinquish its status as the only HSPA network provider in Canada, since both Telus Mobility and Bell Mobility are about to enter the GSM/HSPA arena. So, what phones will they be bringing to the table? It turns out that Bell is coming out with guns […]

Microsoft Confirms Oct 6 Launch of Windows Mobile 6.5

While all the guys on the Apple side of things are still getting all excited about the recently released Snow Leopard for their Macs, the Microsoft side has a little announcement of its own. This doesn’t relate to Windows 7, but the mobile industry has another date to circle on their calendars. We were reasonably […]

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Sony PSP2 in the Works After All

We may still be basking in the glow from the E3 Expo last month, since it was there that Sony officially announced the new Sony PSPgo handheld. Well, it seems that a successor to the UMD-free sliding gaming console is already in the works and we have some of the preliminary details. When we first […]

Motorola Does More of the Same with MOTOROKR W6

Ask most people in the cell phone industry and they’ll tell you that Motorola is hurting a little compared to what some of the other companies are doing. You’ve got Apple pushing the cool envelope, Samsung shoving great cameras into their handsets, and so on. Over at Motorola, it seems they’re still trying to cash […]

Feature: Too Many Smartphone Platforms (Which is Best?)

While there are certainly some smaller operating systems out there, the mass populace will largely choose between having a Windows-based machine or a Mac-based machine when it comes to their personal and business computers. Linux makes a little bit of headway in there too, particularly with lower-powered netbooks, but you’re basically choosing between two computer […]

BlackBerry Storm Gets Hooked Up with YouTube Client

What’s the point of having that big touchscreen if you can’t enjoy some dramatic gophers and Star Wars kids? Although it was a little sad to see the BlackBerry Storm ship to mobile operators without YouTube support out of the box, it is good to hear that Google has now released a YouTube client for […]

Windows Mobile Gets Dressed Up (Again), This Time By i-mate

As robust and widely used as Windows Mobile may be, many people are not happy with the clunky user interface. Joining several other cellular manufacturers, i-mate is set to offer a new skin for its Windows Mobile phones, potentially making the OS more attractive and user-friendly. This follows in the trend that is currently being […]

Winter Gloves That Are Compatible with iPods!

Brrr… It’s starting to get pretty cold around these parts, so you’ll want to bundle up before you head out into that winter weather. Unfortunately, as soon as you slip on just about any pair of gloves, your nearly frozen fingers cease to work with the click wheel on your Apple iPod. The “click” still […]

Feature: How Much Bigger Can Smartphones Get?

Cell phones aren’t just cell phones anymore. They’ve turned into so much more than that. Seeing how powerful some of these handsets have become, it would almost be fair to refer to some smartphones as mini-computers rather than just some mobile phone. Because of all this extra functionality and features that we are demanding, it […]

Feature: Why the BlackBerry Storm Will Fail in Canada

Ever since the first Apple iPhone was released more than a year ago, it seems like every cell phone equipped with a touchscreen is being touted as some sort of iPhone killer, even if it’s not going exactly the same demographic or the same segment of the market. It can be argued that devices like […]

The Paradox of the Android-Powered Sciphone Dream G2

With a name like the Sciphone Dream G2, you would think it’s safe to assume that this phone is an upgrade over the HTC Dream G1. While both handsets are powered by Google Android, the Sciphone Dream G2 presents a number of very confusing features. Well, there is one very notable element that’ll definitely keep […]

Feature: Can Convergence Devices Still Be Categorized?

I’m probably going to sound a little old by saying this, but I remember when a cell phone was just a cell phone. I remember when an MP3 player was just an MP3 player. These days, the lines aren’t nearly as clear, because the concept of convergence is quickly picking up in popularity and people […]

Feature: Why Standalone MP3 Players Still Exist

In an era that seems so focused on convergence devices and increasing efficiency, it’s a little curious why the MP3 player market continues to thrive. Several years ago, we were introduced to the first MP3-playing mobile phones and everyone expected that these multifunctioning cell phones would spell the death for standalone media players. Well, here […]

Dreaming on the Android-Powered HTC Dream

Ever since I took that quantum leap into the world of smartphones, I haven’t looked back. I just can’t imagine owning a regular mobile phone anymore, because it simply cannot offer the same level of functionality. Yes, most cell phones have calendar functions and task managers, but they’re just not as robust as what you […]

Plans for 120GB Zune leaked by FCC

The FCC has let yet another product annoucement squeak out before launch. This time a “Portable Media Device with 120GB Hard Drive” made by Microsoft, meaning a Zune update in the near future. It’s quite likely this will be the replacement for the current 80GB Zune or perhaps just another size to add to the […]

Pros and Cons of Touchscreen Cell Phones (Feature)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the biggest trend in the cell phone world today is the touchscreen. While the Apple iPhone is far from being the first handset to boast a large touchscreen display, it has largely been credited with bucking this trend and getting everyone else to create a […]

Plica Could Be the Ultimate Touchscreen Mobile Phone

Everyone seems to be pretty excited about the Apple iPhone 3G these days. Heck, you might have even developed a hankering for other touchscreen phones like the HTC Touch Diamond, LG Vu, and Samsung Instinct. It’s obvious enough that the concept of a touchscreen phone isn’t going anywhere and manufacturers are working hard to be […]

Feature: Why Competitors Have Failed to Usurp the iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G from Apple has been out for two weeks now and it’s still the talk of the town. Unless you’re willing to settle for the 8GB model, it’s still pretty tough to get your hands on one. It certainly helps on the Canadian side of things that Rogers is offering an option where […]

Canada: What if the iPhone 3G is Sold Out Tomorrow?

You might be reading this as you queue up in front of your favorite Rogers or Fido store. You may be only a few hours away from the opportunity to get your hands on an awesome Apple iPhone 3G. That $30 for 6GB data plan sounds awfully attractive and the crowd is really starting to […]

Philips Xenium X800 is an iPhone Killer

Or so they would want you to believe. It seems that Philips is jumping into the touchscreen cell phone game as well with the apparent arrival of the Xenium X800. Much like the HTC Touch, LG Prada, Samsung Instinct, and Apple iPhone, the Philips X800 appears to lack any sort of physical keyboard, opting instead […]

MP3 Players Not Exactly Compatible with Windows Vista

Yes, this is exactly what Microsoft wants: an issue with one of the most popular portable electronics on the planet. Turns out that several digital music players “are not functioning well with Microsoft Corp.’s new operating software.” many MP3 models, including those produced by Samsung, are “incompatible with Windows Vista.” Among the models affected is […]

Next-gen PSP to kill UMD?

While it may not be attracting as much attention as the Apple iPhone did, the next iteration of the Sony PSP has been up for a lot of speculative talk. We’ve heard that the PSP2 (as some are calling it) may rock 8GB of Flash memory, some sort of camera, and maybe even a 60GB […]

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A look at potential iTunes Killers

iTunes must be developing a bit of a complex, because every time you turn around someone else is calling something new the latest iTunes killer. The obvious target of that moniker these days is Microsoft’s infrastructure around the Zune. We’ll have to wait to see how that battle plays out over the coming months, but […]