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More WinMo with AT&T Tilt 2 Next Month

Everyone else may be getting pretty excited about upcoming Google Android phones, but AT&T still knows how to kick it with the boys in Redmond. Windows Mobile 6.5 is just around the corner, but my gut instinct is telling me that the upcoming AT&T Tilt2 won’t be getting newest WinMo treatment right out of the box when it ships on ...

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All AT&T Smartphone Users to Require Data Plans

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone from AT&T, but you’re not quite so interested in subscribing to a wireless data plan, I highly suggest that you act sooner rather than later. That’s because the iPhone-touting carrier is starting a new policy early next month that will require all new smartphones to come with a smartphone data plan. ...

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AT&T Getting Touch Pro2 as HTC Tilt 2


It seems like everyone wants an invite to this party, because just about everyone is picking up some variation on this possibly popular smartphone. You may already know about this Windows Mobile handset as the HTC Touch Pro2 and how it follows up on the HTC Touch Pro. Well, AT&T might be getting it too, renaming it the HTC Tilt2. ...

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LG GW600 SureType Smartphone Approved by FCC, Heading to AT&T

The whole SureType keyboard thing isn’t restricted to the BlackBerry Pearl, because other smartphones can just as easily map two letters to each key. Case in point, check out the latest phone to survive the FCC, the LG GW600. Powered by Windows Mobile, this smartphone seems like it will be making its way over to the AT&T to join other ...

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Magic Carpet Ride with AT&T and Pantech Aladdin Slider Phone


And the deluge of new phones for AT&T continues. We already know about the new Android phones from HTC and Motorola, but those aren’t the only new phones heading to the iPhone-touting carrier. One of the more interesting phones on the horizon is the Pantech Aladdin, a vertical slider with a QWERTY keyboard. In some ways, you could say that ...

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Google Android Coming to AT&T Via HTC Lancaster and Motorola Heron


T-Mobile’s tight grasp on the Google Android market in the United States is about to get loosened, because it seems that AT&T is picking up no fewer than two new handsets that will come powered by the Google Android platform. And they’re both sliders too. First up is the HTC Lancaster on the left, a phone that’s being touted as ...

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AT&T Slides in Style with Upcoming Sideways Nokia Mako


It looks like some slides have been leaked from deep within the trenches of the AT&T head office, because we’re catching our first glimpse at one of the most attractive Nokia handsets to hit the American carrier. Yes, the Nokia Mako might even be more attractive than the E71x. Take this leak for what it’s worth, but what we seem ...

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AT&T Completes Jack Trifecta with Samsung i637 Smartphone


I thought that the touchscreen-equipped Samsung Epix was supposed to be the third phone in the Blackjack series, but I guess I was wrong. Here is the true Samsung BlackJack III, also known as the Samsung i637 Jack from AT&T. And this is where I get slightly confused too. Over on Fido and Rogers in Canada, the Samsung BlackJack II ...

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AT&T iPhone Plans Getting Ten Bucks Cheaper


Are you totally in love with your Apple iPhone but not at all in love with the bill that comes in the mail every month? Perhaps providing a little recession relief, it seems that AT&T may be cutting down the price for its iPhone service plans. They haven’t confirmed it yet, but AT&T is reportedly considering the possibility of making ...

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AT&T Officially Launches Nokia E71x Smartphone


Have you been sitting with AT&T and yearning for a new Symbian smartphone, but you didn’t want to fork over the premium for an unlocked Nokia E71-2 NAM? Well, the wait is finally over. It was announced this morning that the highly anticipated Nokia E71x is available for purchase by AT&T customers as of today. This is being marketed as ...

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Next Palm WebOS Phone for AT&T = EOS, Pixie, Castle?


I think we all knew that the webOS train wouldn’t end at the Palm Pre, but we didn’t know that this much would come out even before the Pre officially hit the market. We caught a blurry look at what we thought was the Palm Pre Centro yesterday, but it turns out that it’s the Palm EOS. At least, that’s ...

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Buy Apple iPhone 3G from AT&T Sans Contract


One of the restrictions that AT&T and Apple put in place when they launched the iPhone 3G was that you had to sign a new two-year service agreement to get the hot new cell phone. Apparently, this restriction is now being lifted. According to AT&T spokesperson Michael Coe, the GSM provider will start allowing new and existing customers to purchase ...

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AMOLED-Equipped Samsung A877 to Hit AT&T This Month?


What if you want to get your hands on a QWERTY-equipped handset but don’t want to deal with the complexities of a smartphone operating system? What if you want to have a brilliant display that you can tap with your finger? If you’re over at AT&T, you may be in luck by the end of this month. There is a ...

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Ironic: The Reason Why the AT&T QuickFire Was Pulled


Yesterday, we discovered that AT&T execs instructed store managers to pull the AT&T QuickFire from shelves. They were told to not sell another unit, because the QuickFire suffers from “quality issues.” At the time, we had no idea what they meant. Today, those exact “quality issues” surrounding the AT&T QuickFire have been revealed. As it turns out, these “issues” are ...

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AT&T Disowns Quickfire over “Quality Issues”


Late last year, we were formally introduced to the AT&T Quickfire, a messaging-centric handset that you may otherwise know as the UTStarcom GTX75. Well, you might not know it by that name, but that’s really what it is. Not that it matters anymore, though, because AT&T has yanked the QWERTY phone from its shelves. In fact, AT&T has issued a ...

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