3G Network from AT&T Will Boast 20Mbps Speeds Next Year

Even though the 3G network currently offered by AT&T is a serious improvement over EDGE speeds, it’s not nearly as fast as some of the other HSDPA networks in Europe and Asia. That may soon change, because we hear that AT&T plans on doing the HSUPA upgrade to its 3G network later this year, effectively […]

Confirmed: BlackBerry Bold to Debut with AT&T

AT&T is getting first dibs on a lot of cool toys these days and business handhelds appear to be no exception. Hot on the heels of the announcement from Research in Motion, AT&T has confirmed that it will be the first carrier to have the BlackBerry Bold 9000. There’s no word on how long they’ll […]

AT&T Starts Selling Apple iPhone in Black

Or so their website would lead you to believe. According to the screenshot below, when you navigate through the AT&T online store, they give the option to select between a regular iPhone and the iPhone Black. Apparently, the addition of a black model is not restricted to just phones coming out of Cupertino. As it […]

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Nokia E71 Smartphone Gearing Up for AT&T Launch

Some people, myself included, just can’t live without a QWERTY keyboard on our cell phones. The Nokia E-series has always been recognized for its top-notch business devices and the upcoming Nokia E71 should be no exception. We’ve already caught a couple glimmers of this Symbian smartphone, but an extra tidbit has just come down the […]

Free Starbucks Wi-Fi Coming to AT&T iPhones After All?

There were early reports that AT&T would start to offer free Wi-Fi internet access to iPhone users at all the Starbucks locations across the country. Some people found the splash page and enjoyed the freedoms of free web surfing. Then, the service just up and disappeared. Well, it seems that those early users were little […]

Is AT&T Working on a Skype Competitor?

You may have noticed that some people are abandoning or supplementing their conventional phone services in favor of VoIP, largely because it can be much more affordable to make calls — both local and long distance — over Skype than it is to make the call over a landline or a cell phone. It seems […]

Garmin nuvifone Priced at $500 by AT&T?

Earlier this year, we caught a glimpse of the Garmin nuvifone, proclaiming that it could very well be the best iPhone competitor to date. At the time, we had an idea what the spec sheet would look like, but we were left scratching our heads over how much the thing would cost. Well, that information […]

AT&T Mobile TV in Action on LG Vu (Video)

The MediaFLO-powered Mobile TV service from AT&T is set to launch a little later this month, so in anticipation of our upcoming addiction to portable TV, let’s have a look at what that experience would be like. In the video clip embedded below, you can see the LG Vu — one of two phones whose […]

Is the SMT 5700 Ever Making it to AT&T?

We’ve seen this smartphone kicking around on AT&T rebate sheets for about a year now and yet the SMT 5700 has yet to launch with the wireless provider. Well, word is that they are finally getting around to releasing this budget-minded QWERTY phone to the public and it couldn’t come any sooner. The trouble is […]

AT&T Green with Envy Over Sony Ericsson W580i

It’s far from being the most exciting phone in their lineup, but the Sony Ericsson W580i presents one of the best values to AT&T customers. And now you can express yourself with it a little more. It may be a little late to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but that hasn’t stopped AT&T from unveiling a […]

3G iPhone Will Cost As Little as $199 From AT&T

As I’m sure you already know, when you waltz into an Apple store or an AT&T Store to grab an Apple iPhone, they don’t offer you any sort of discount for locking down to a new contract with the circling blue globe of a service provider. A rumor has now surfaced that AT&T will start […]

3G iPhone to Blame for 3G BlackBerry Launch at AT&T

Here’s an interesting story for you. It turns out that AT&T could be delaying the launch of a 3G BlackBerry because they don’t want it to steal the thunder from the impending launch of the 3G iPhone. As you may have heard, the current rumors are saying that a 3G version of the Apple iPhone […]

AT&T Announces Free Wi-Fi at all Starbucks Locations

Up until now, most Starbucks locations were outfitted with a Wi-Fi hotspot, but it was a paid service. AT&T will officially be changing that as of May 1 when all 7,000 company-operated Starbucks stores across the nation launch the free Wi-Fi service. Yes, free. Surf the web to your heart’s desire at the cost of […]

FCC Filing Points Toward AT&T Launch of HTC Touch Dual

We already know that a US-friendly version of the HTC Touch Dual is coming our way, but we thought that it would only be sold as an unlocked model in stores like Best Buy. According to recent FCC documents, however, there is reason to believe that the HTC Touch Dual will be available through the […]

AT&T Mobile TV Tops Out at Just Ten Channels

Some details have been leaked about the upcoming mobile TV service from AT&T, including the different price packages and what they are set to include. The tentative launch date is May 4th and there will be three bundles available from the get-go. These bundles are eerily similar to the offerings from Verizon VCast. At the […]

David Dorman Leaves AT&T, Joins Motorola with an Axe

You might not be all that familiar with his name, but you’ve surely heard about some of things this guy has done in the past. David W. Dorman is the former CEO of AT&T and he was responsible for the chopping up of the company into several divisions. He has now found himself a new […]

Panasonic Plasma Displays Coming to AT&T Mobile Phones

We already know that AT&T plans on launching their MediaFLO-powered mobile television service soon and now word has gotten out that Panasonic will be offering cell phones for that service that come with plasma video displays. Yes, you read that correctly. You are essentially get a plasma TV in the palm of your hand. They’re […]

AT&T’s LG Vu and Samsung Access Spotted with MediaFLO

Last week, news broke out that AT&T would start to offer live television on their mobile phones via MediaFLO and now we can actually see the thing in action. Pictures have been revealed with MediaFLO running on both the LG Vu and the Samsung Access, both of which were announced only a short while ago. […]

Microsoft Surface Computer Arriving at AT&T Retail Stores First

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the wide deployment of the Microsoft Surface computer for a long time now and it seemed like this thing was never actually going to make it into the real world. Sure, we’ve seen the demos at CES and other trade shows, but when is revolutionary table-top supposed to make it to […]

AT&T Launches Motorola Z9 Slider Phone

The folks at AT&T are keeping pretty busy these days with phone launches and the latest addition to their collection is the MOTO Z9 slider phone from, you guessed it, Motorola. Yes, it takes on a similar slim profile as so many other phones in Motorola’s lineup and it has a sliding form factor not […]

Officially Official: AT&T Announces Launch of LG Vu

What’s this? A Canadian provider gets a hot new cell phone before its American counterpart? Blasphemy! Rogers Wireless officially announced last week that they will be carrying the LG Vu, and now AT&T is officially joining the Korean touchscreen party as well. Although they may ever state so officially, it’s obvious enough that the LG […]

Access: Samsung’s First Mobile TV Phone with AT&T

Pfft. Took you long enough. I kid, I kid. Samsung is joining the mobile TV party at AT&T with the announcement of the SGH-A827, otherwise known as the Samsung Access. This represents Sammy’s first attempt at mobile television with AT&T, so I find it a little curious that they decided to go with such a […]

BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Stumbles Into the AT&T Fold

What’s that? You’re still walking around with an ancient version of the BlackBerry Pearl? Seriously, you need to upgrade. AT&T is coming to the rescue with a revitalized version of the Pearl — the BlackBerry 8120 — and this SureType-equipped phone comes with beautiful WiFi connectivity. There is a price to be paid for the […]

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AT&T Gets Ready to Nab Nokia N78 Smartphone Candybar

My brother is the proud owner of a Nokia N73 and he loves all that Symbian-powered goodness. After he takes a gander at the Nokia N78, however, he may be inclined to do the upgrade. For other people interested in the Nokia N78, there could be some good news coming down the pipeline because AT&T […]

SMS, MMS Rates Increasing at AT&T

If you’re the type that likes to send a lot of text messages, but your plan currently doesn’t have an adequate bucket of SMS, you may be in for a bit of a surprise on an upcoming bill. AT&T has decided to increase the rate for both text messages and multimedia messages, much to the […]

Proof That Sony XPERIA X1 Coming to AT&T

I’d still take this with a grain of salt, but the Sony XPERIA X1 handset on display at CeBIT is certainly showing a lot more AT&T flavoring than what an unlocked phone should be showing. This is halfway across the world from the United States, so you have to admit it’s pretty curious to find […]

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Q2 2008: AT&T Adding Nokia N95 to Collection

Chalk this one up in the unsubstantiated rumor column for now, but there is word going around that the Nokia N95 will soon be joining the ranks of AT&T. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like paying full retail for your phones, this is absolutely astounding news, because the Nokia N95 can be […]

KaonMedia UPOP PMP Like Mega-Sized AT&T Tilt, Sans Cellular

Although the UPOP from KaonMedia is officially billed as a personal media player (PMP), the QWERTY keyboard should indicate to you that this device can do more than just play music and videos. Featuring a 4.8-inch widescreen display, the UPOP has a unique slide-and-tilt function that is not unlike what you find on the HTC […]

Palm Centro Arrives at AT&T For $99

AT&T subscribers now have the opportunity to get in on some inexpensive smartphone action, because the Palm Centro has officially been launched by the iPhone-touting GSM provider. Up until now, Sprint has had the American exclusive on the entry-level Palm smartphone. That deal has since expired, opening up the compact device to other network operators. […]

iPhone Users Rejoice, AT&T Goes Unlimited

We don’t like being limited. We like to gorge ourselves at all-you-can-eat buffets and our cell phone usage is no different. While iPhone owners let out a collective groan when Verizon announced its new unlimited plans, they also let out a collective sigh of relief with today’s announcement from AT&T. AT&T is now offering a […]

Video: Sony XPERIA X1 WinMo Phone Tackles AT&T Tilt?

For me, there are two very noteworthy reasons why we should pay attention to the newly announced Sony XPERIA X1 touchscreen smartphone. First, considering that Sony usually powers its smartphones with Symbian, it’s pretty exciting to hear that they’re doing Windows Mobile too. Secondly, the sliding display curves up slightly, almost like the HTC TyTN […]

LG Vu Will Be First Phone With AT&T Mobile TV

We’ve been hearing for some time that AT&T is getting ready to offer mobile televisioin powered by Qualcomm’s MediaFLO technology, but we didn’t know what handset they were going to use to debut the service. Well, there are now rumors floating around that point toward the LG Vu (CU920) as the initial phone to show […]

AT&T Offers Wi-Fi Hotspot Access for Free!

The good news is that the next time you find yourself at a Barnes & Noble bookstore, you could be surfing the web with your laptop and it won’t cost you a penny. Got a few hours to kill at the airport? They’ve got you covered there too, because AT&T is reportedly giving out free […]

AT&T Has Red Hot Deals for Valentine’s Day

And we mean that almost literally. The iPhone carrier is gearing up for a special Valentine’s Day special wherein they are offering three of their most popular phones in particularly romantic red casings. As you can see in the scanned advertisement here, AT&T has three phones that they are willing to sell for a “limited […]

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AT&T Slashes Prices By 50% For Black Friday

As if there weren’t enough deals floating around for Black Friday already, AT&T will apparently sell five of its most popular cell phones for a whopping 50% off. That’s right, you can get a BlackBerry Curve 8310 for half-off and from what we can gather, there really are no strings attached. Well, no more strings […]

AT&T Roadmap Points Toward Business-Minded iPhone

AT&T wants to prove NASA wrong. The general public probably views the Apple iPhone as more of an entertainment-minded handset than one that is appropriate for business purposes, but AT&T is aiming to market a more business-oriented model that’ll make its way into boardrooms across the country. This internal AT&T slide encourages sales people to […]

Samsung SLM for AT&T So Skinny, Doesn’t Require Vowels

Seemingly taking a page out of Motorola’s book, the Samsung SLM is a skinny clamshell-style cell phone that will soon be available through AT&T. To many people, the Samsung SLM will be immediately reminiscent of the Motorola RAZR. After all, the physical comparison is inevitable, as is the lack of vowels in the model’s name. […]

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Nokia 3555 Hits AT&T’s Low-End 3G Library?

As 3G mobile phone technology becomes more of the norm here in North America, we will inevitably get hit with a variety of more affordable handsets that can latch onto the higher-speed signals. The 3G-capable Nokia 6555 is already available through AT&T, but it looks like its cheaper cousin is on the way as well. […]

Hands-On With Pantech Duo from AT&T

The Helio Ocean isn’t the only phone that knows how to rock two sets of keypads. Also taking on the three-layered approach is the Pantech Duo, available from AT&T and we’ve got the first hands-on impressions. The Boy Genius took the messaging oriented handset out for a test drive and found that the “keyboard is […]

Hands-On Video with AT&T Samsung BlackJack II

When the first Samsung BlackJack hit the scene, many pundits said that it was little more than a Motorola Q clone and while it was slim and sexy, it wasn’t without its issues. Fast forward to today and we find ourselves fondling the all new Samsung BlackJack 2, available from AT&T. In the hands-on video […]

Spied: LG Prada CU920 for AT&T, Not the Same as KE850

Just as there are countless variations of the Motorola RAZR fluttering around in the marketplace, the same can apparently be said about the LG Prada, because here is a very special Prada for AT&T. What you see here is the LG CU920 Prada, which is a distinctly different beast than the KE850 LG Prada you […]

Apple (Class Action) Sued Over AT&T iPhone Exclusivity

Timothy P. Smith and the legal team of M. Van Smith and Damian R. Fernandez have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the company is violating antitrust laws. By forcing customers to only sign up with AT&T with their iPhones, Apple has severely limited what the public can choose to do with […]

Nokia is Open to Anything, Apple is Locked at AT&T

It’s pretty clear who Nokia is targeting with their latest advertising campaign, reminding consumers that their N-series smartphones are completely open. Naturally, they’re making reference to the Apple iPhone and its exclusivity agreement with Cingular AT&T. And you all know about the restrictions on the iPhone that go far beyond “just” a carrier lockdown. By […]

Palm Centro Moseying On Over to AT&T?

Chalk this one up with some serious rumor mill salt, but there’s an image being tossed around on the interweb that shows the Palm Centro running AT&T software. This may or may not indicate that the Cingular replacement is picking up the Palm smartphone, but it does lead us to believe that it is a […]

Price Revealed for AT&T Tilt: $300 with a 2-Year Contract

Many of you may be anxious to get your hands on the AT&T Tilt, because it just seems so much cooler than the AT&T 8525 (HTC Hermes). Well, we now know how much it’s going to cost to buy the slide-and-tilt smartphone. The AT&T Tilt, exclusively available through AT&T (duh), will go for the “promotional […]

Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Phone Drags Feet to AT&T

Although it does feel a little cheap in your hands, the Sony Ericsson W580i is probably one of the better values out there if you’re in the market for a music phone. The relatively slim slider phone has been available through Rogers Wireless in Canada for some time now, so it’s rather interesting that fate […]

AT&T Terms of Service Strip Your Freedom of Speech

Here’s a strange one for you. Apparently in the newest Terms of Service agreement written up by the suits at AT&T, your service will be terminated if you badmouth AT&T. That’s right. Slam that swirly blue globe for gobbling up Cingular and you can wave your talking privileges goodbye. Spite them for being the exclusive […]

AT&T 8925 Tilt Scheduled to Launch on September 30th

That’s the current rumor being passed around through the wire. The AT&T 8925, as you may already know, was bandying around as the HTC Tilt for some time. This is because, unlike the 8125 and 8525 (Wizard and Hermes) which preceded it, the display on the 8925 actually tilts upwards after you slide out the […]

Motorola Q Confirmed For AT&T

I’m not really sure if this is even one of those better late than never scenarios, but whatever your take on the matter is, AT&T has confirmed that they will be picking up the Motorola Q. More specifically, it seems that they’re getting the mildly upgrade Motorola Q9h, getting the bump up to Windows Mobile […]