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AT&T Officially Launches Nokia E71x Smartphone

Have you been sitting with AT&T and yearning for a new Symbian smartphone, but you didn’t want to fork over the premium for an unlocked Nokia E71-2 NAM? Well, the wait is finally over. It was announced this morning that the highly anticipated Nokia E71x is available for purchase by AT&T customers as of today. […]

Next Palm WebOS Phone for AT&T = EOS, Pixie, Castle?

I think we all knew that the webOS train wouldn’t end at the Palm Pre, but we didn’t know that this much would come out even before the Pre officially hit the market. We caught a blurry look at what we thought was the Palm Pre Centro yesterday, but it turns out that it’s the […]

Buy Apple iPhone 3G from AT&T Sans Contract

One of the restrictions that AT&T and Apple put in place when they launched the iPhone 3G was that you had to sign a new two-year service agreement to get the hot new cell phone. Apparently, this restriction is now being lifted. According to AT&T spokesperson Michael Coe, the GSM provider will start allowing new […]

AMOLED-Equipped Samsung A877 to Hit AT&T This Month?

What if you want to get your hands on a QWERTY-equipped handset but don’t want to deal with the complexities of a smartphone operating system? What if you want to have a brilliant display that you can tap with your finger? If you’re over at AT&T, you may be in luck by the end of […]

Ironic: The Reason Why the AT&T QuickFire Was Pulled

Yesterday, we discovered that AT&T execs instructed store managers to pull the AT&T QuickFire from shelves. They were told to not sell another unit, because the QuickFire suffers from “quality issues.” At the time, we had no idea what they meant. Today, those exact “quality issues” surrounding the AT&T QuickFire have been revealed. As it […]

AT&T Disowns Quickfire over “Quality Issues”

Late last year, we were formally introduced to the AT&T Quickfire, a messaging-centric handset that you may otherwise know as the UTStarcom GTX75. Well, you might not know it by that name, but that’s really what it is. Not that it matters anymore, though, because AT&T has yanked the QWERTY phone from its shelves. In […]

AT&T to Announce iPhone Tethering Plan at MacWorld?

The all important MacWorld kicks off today and while I’m not on the floor in San Francisco, I’m still managing to find some juicy Apple-fueled tidbits for you to consider. For instance, there are rumblings that AT&T will announce the availability of an iPhone tethering plan, finally letting iPhone owners use that wireless Internet connection […]

Single Universal Smartphone OS for AT&T by 2014?

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that people aren’t nearly as satisfied with conventional mobile phones anymore and that’s why so many people are jumping into the smartphone arena. They enjoy the extra functionality of devices like the HTC Touch Pro, BlackBerry Storm, and Apple iPhone. The trouble, however, is that with this many operating systems, there […]

AT&T Quickfire QWERTY Phone Launching Next Week?

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The Sidekick line is not making the jump over to AT&T, though the latter is getting firmly ensconced in the world of QWERTY phones. Last month, I noted that AT&T would be picking up the Quickfire, a QWERTY-packing slider phone that is also known as the GTX75. It’s […]

AT&T Confirms November 4 for BlackBerry Bold Launch Date

After tons of rumors and painful delays, AT&T subscribers can finally mark November 4th on their calendars with a Sharpie. This date, for most intents and purposes, is set in stone and it comes direct from AT&T. It took a while, but you can finally expect to buy the 3G and QWERTY-packing BlackBerry Bold from […]

AT&T Secretly Interested in LG Secret Slider

AT&T is keeping pretty busy these days with handset launches and yet another fashionable phone could be joining the shelf next to the iPhone and upcoming BlackBerry Bold. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, of course, but we hear that the LG Secret could be on its way to AT&T. No, it’s not a 3G smartphone […]

REVIEW: Pantech C610 3G Clamshell Phone from AT&T

The whole point of the Pantech C610 clamshell from AT&T is that it can offer high-speed 3G functionality in a relatively small form factor. Contrast this to the smartphones in AT&T’s lineup that do the 3G thing and you’ll see how the Flame Red Pantech flip phone is a lot easier on your jeans pocket. […]

AT&T Gets QWERTY Creative with Samsung Propel

Not satisfied with just two new QWERTY phones, AT&T has added yet another QWERTY-packing handset to its lineup in the form of the Samsung Propel. This phone is pretty different from what you would normally expect. Yes, the Slate is skinny and the Matrix is doubly-useful, but the Propel is creative. While closed, the Propel […]

Remarkably Skinny Pantech Slate QWERTY Phone Hits AT&T

Oh, you thought the Motorola Q was a skinny smartphone? You were impressed with the dimensions of the Samsung BlackJack? Taking slim to a whole new level is the Pantech Slate, a handset being marketed as the world’s slimmest QWERTY phone. Taking on a candybar form factor like the Treo line, most BlackBerry devices, and […]

Pantech Matrix from AT&T Takes Page out of Helio Ocean

Sometimes, you just can’t decide. You like the idea of a slider phone, but you’re having a hard time picking between a vertical slider with a numeric keypad and a horizontal slider with a QWERTY keyboard. With AT&T’s new Pantech Matrix, you don’t have to choose anymore. You can have both. Borrowing the styling cues […]

Sony Ericsson W760a Introduces 3G to Walkman Line for AT&T

Finding a cell phone equipped with 3G connectivity isn’t that out of the ordinary. Finding a Walkman phone that has 3G is a different matter altogether. Making its way to AT&T is the newly revealed Sony Ericsson W760a. This is the first 3G-capable Walkman phone to make its way into the United States, at least […]

AT&T Sidekick Coming This Month (Possibly HTC G1)

Well, I say that with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek, because it’s not completely true. AT&T is indeed adding a new phone to its lineup a little later this month and it bears a striking resemblance to the form factor popularized by the Danger-powered Sidekick line and, more recently, somewhat demonstrated by the […]

Hands-On with Pantech C610 from AT&T

Just because you want to enjoy the high-speed 3G network from AT&T doesn’t mean that you have to get a larger smartphone like the Apple iPhone 3G or the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9000. Regular Joes can enjoy the extra speedy data connection on a regular looking phone as well and the recently released Pantech C610 […]

Samsung BlackJack III is Epix for AT&T

A rose by any other name… We first heard about this upcoming Windows Mobile smartphone as the Samsung BlackJack III. Then we were told that it’s the Samsung i780 in disguise. And now, it seems that the AT&T version is going to be called the Samsung Epix. It’s so epic that they had to replace […]

AT&T Starts Sending Invites for BlackBerry Bold Launch Parties

Even though the BlackBerry Bold is widely available in Canada already, Americans aren’t quite so lucky when it comes to RIM’s latest QWERTY creation. That’s finally about to change, because AT&T has reportedly started to send out invitations for its official launch parties across the nation. There are several launch parties that will be taking […]

AT&T Nabbing the QWERTY-Equipped LG Xenon

You may already be familiar with the LG Rumor and how it comes equipped with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The LG Xenon shares some similarities to that handset, except it seems to lack a standard numeric keypad. Based on the form factor, I’m led to believe that the 2.8-inch QVGA display is a touchscreen, but […]

AT&T to Complete Trifecta with Palm Treo Pro

Some people may prefer to take the unlocked route and pay a bit of a premium, but others wouldn’t mind a hardware subsidy in exchange for a contract. If you fall into the latter category, this could be pretty good news for you. AT&T already has the Apple iPhone 3G and it will be getting […]

Blame the iPhone for AT&T BlackBerry Bold Delays

While Canadians can already freely enjoy the leather back of a BlackBerry Bold, American consumers are still waiting around for AT&T to launch the QWERTY-packing smartphone. What’s up with all these delays, you may ask? As it turns out, the blame can be placed on Cupertino and the iPhone 3G. The Globe and Mail is […]

Use AT&T Pay As You Go with Apple iPhone 3G

I’ve got a little secret to share with you guys. The process may take a little bit of work, but following this procedure, you’ll be able to use the Apple iPhone 3G with AT&T’s Pay As You Go service rather than the usual postpaid monthly plan. Are you ready for it? Alright, what you’ll need […]

AT&T Fuze is the HTC Touch Pro

AT&T seems to be getting all the cool toys these days, getting loaded up with the iPhone 3G and the soon-to-be-launched BlackBerry Bold. Keeping a good smartphone thing going, it seems that AT&T is also going to get the HTC Touch Pro, only rebranded as the AT&T Fuze. This is not out of the ordinary […]

Apple and AT&T Knowingly Sold Too Many iPhone 3Gs

Apple is no stranger to the lawsuit front, having already encountered troubles over the iPhone name with Cisco, for example. However, this has to be one of the most interesting lawsuits that we have seen in quite some time. William Gillis is an AT&T customer who is very unhappy with the performance on his iPhone […]

AT&T Users Get Blackerry 4.5 Firmware This Month

While they may not be able to get their hands on the BlackBerry Bold just yet, AT&T subscribers will be able to download the new BlackBerry 4.5 firmware this month. The updated operating system will work on a number of existing devices, including the BlackBerry 8820, Curve 8310, Pearl 8120, and Curve 8300. The upgrades […]

AT&T Ain’t Getting BlackBerry Bold Until October

While Canada has been recently blanketed in a sea of BlackBerry Bold goodness, Americans will have to hold their horses for over a month before they can get in on the latest RIM toy. This is the latest word coming from a “pretty high source at AT&T.” According to this unnamed and unconfirmed source, AT&T […]

iPhone Tethering Plan Coming to AT&T?

I’ll take this report with a huge bucket of salt, but it seems that Steve Jobs and crew are working on a deal with AT&T that would finally allow for legitimate tethering on the iPhone 3G. Yes, I know that you can convert your iPhone 3G into a Wi-Fi hotspot using NetShare, but that application […]

Military-Spec Samsung a837 Pushes to Talk on AT&T

While Motorola is usually the first name that comes to mind when I think about rugged PTT handsets, Samsung seems to have quite the beefy offering that will join the fold at AT&T. Set to sit right alongside the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Bold is th Samsung a837. This rugged clamshell comes with military-spec protection, […]

New International Data Plans for AT&T iPhone 3G

With the arrival of the iPhone 3G in Canada and the United States, people questioned how much the data would cost. In Canada, Rogers pull out the six gigabytes for $30/month deal at the last possible moment, whereas folks in the States can surf all they want for the same $30 a month. What happens […]

More AT&T Mobile TV with LG Invision

With a name like the LG Invision, it’s only fitting that this is yet another mobile phone that takes advantage of the AT&T Mobile TV service. Taking on a candybar form factor not unlike the Samsung Access, the Invision by LG is said to be the smallest device compatible with AT&T Mobile TV. It measures […]

Buy an AT&T Tilt Smartphone For Zero Dollars

Some people may feel inclined to spend spend $900 on unreleased hardware, but other people are a little more mindful of the cash in their wallets. If you want to get in on some Windows Mobile action but don’t want to break the bank in the process, it could be a good idea to pick […]

AT&T-Branded HTC Touch Pro Leaked, Sold for $900

Some of us just don’t have the patience to wait for an official release date (that’s probably more like all of us), so some of us are willing fork out rather hefty premiums to get our hands to get the latest toys before anyone else. Although the HTC Touch Pro has not yet been officially […]

Apple iPhone Sold Exclusively Through AT&T Until 2010

If you are currently subscribed to T-Mobile and have been anxiously awaiting the day when the iPhone will be sold through your favorite pink mobile operator, you’ll have to wait a little longer. The exclusivity agreement between Apple and AT&T has officially been extended through to 2010, securing AT&T’s stranglehold on the Apple cell phone […]

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AT&T Prepares for the Low-End with Nokia 2600

AT&T might be home to the highly applauded Apple iPhone 3G and it is the likely future home of the BlackBerry Bold, but that blue swirly of a service provider knows how to handle budget-minded users as well. It hasn’t been confirmed, but there are reports that the decidedly low-end Nokia 2600 is on its […]

AT&T Learns to Navigate Overseas, 20 Countries in All

This could work out to be cheaper than buying a standalone portable GPS navigation device and then paying the extra money to load up on additional maps. AT&T Navigator has already been directing Americans in America for some time, but now the service has expanded to include a total of twenty countries around the world. […]

AT&T Slashes Price on Palm Centro, Offers Electric Blue Version

While there may be a new touchscreen phone in their lineup getting all the attention these days, AT&T doesn’t want you to forget about their cheaper alternative as well. After all, this thing has a QWERTY keyboard to go with its (smaller) touchscreen display. The Palm Centro is now available through AT&T for the bargain […]

AT&T Will Be Selling iPhone 3G in White on Friday

Steve Jobs told us that the new iPhone 3G, complete with the new rounded plastic back, would be offered in your choice of black or white. It has now been confirmed that the white version will be available for sale on launch day this Friday. The confirmation, as it stands, only applies to AT&T and […]

iPhone 3G Plans Formally Announced by AT&T

Late last week, we caught wind of the iPhone 3G plans being offered to Canadians via Rogers Wireless. None of the plans came with something as basic as caller ID and none of the plans offered unlimited wireless data. At least those south of the 49th parallel can get in some decent iPhone 3G plans. […]

AT&T Getting Loaded with More Touchscreens, Samsung Omnia on the Way?

Maybe you enjoy the large touchscreen display offered by the upcoming Apple iPhone 3G, but you’re not a huge fan of the crew in Cupertino. AT&T is already loading up with other touchscreen phones already and now it seems that another formidable competitor is entering the wild blue fray. The Samsung Omnia i900, as you […]

Samsung i788 (BlackJack III) with Touchscreen Coming to AT&T

It started with the first Samsung BlackJack. It continued with a mildly updated Samsung BlackJack II. It is only a matter of time before we get the spiritual successor known as the Samsung i788. By and large, you could probably say that this QWERTY-packing smartphone is the BlackJack III. Rumor is floating around that AT&T […]

AT&T Gets Juiced Up With Two New Mobile Applications

Get ready to do more with your mobile phone, because AT&T has announced a couple of new applications that will make your phone a little more connected and a little more musical. JuiceCaster 6.0 is designed to let you instantly share pictures and videos through your favorite social networking sites. Send that pic to Facebook […]

BlackBerry Bold 9000 From AT&T Gets Official Website

AT&T subscribers may be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 3G, but business users may be more inclined to look at an upcoming offering from the folks at Research in Motion instead. Also destined for release with AT&T is the BlackBerry Bold, a QWERTY-packing smartphone that you may have known previously as the BlackBerry […]

AT&T is Providing a $500 Rebate on iPhone 3G

We already know that you’ll be able to pick up an 8GB Apple iPhone 3G from AT&T for $199 if you sign a two-year contract, but what if you’re not so inclined to put your signature on a lengthy service agreement? Is there an option to get your hands on an unsubsidized 3G iPhone? While […]

AT&T and Pantech Make Cell Phones Easy, Breezy for Old Folks

All these young whipper-snappers may be all caught up in multi-megapixel cameras, integrated media players, and some strange technology that involves tapping a button-less display, but that’s not what a lot of older folks are looking for when they want to buy a cell phone. By and large, these more mature customers just want something […]

AT&T Starts To Sell Celebrity-Approved Ringtones

You can already purchase a wide variety of ringtones through your favorite mobile operator, but AT&T wants you to be just as styling as your favorite celebrity. As such, the iPhone-carrying service provider has launched a new service called the Ringtone A-List. Other celebrity ringtone services would enlist the voices or likenesses of celebrities for […]

AT&T Gets to Set its Own 3G iPhone Pricing

When it came to the first Apple iPhone, the crew in Cupertino told everyone exactly how much they could charge for the handset. Not a penny more and not a penny less. With the second coming of the Jesus Phone, however, it seems that Steve Jobs is removing those shackles and allowing the service providers […]

AT&T Phone Insurance Not Available for Apple iPhone

You may have heard about the upcoming cell phone insurance service that will soon be available through AT&T, but there is one very interesting tidbit that you may not have heard about. If you happen to opt for the insurance and then you decide to drop your iPhone into the toilet, you’re completely out of […]