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Universal mail inbox set for iPhone 4G?

Email received by Julio

Managing your email's on your iPhone will are going to get easier with the promise of a universal email inbox on the next Apple iPhone. Current iPhones separate emails into separate boxes based on different email addresses, soon they will be neatly converged into one neat box, according to an email received from blogger Julio Manuel. Julio fired off an email to Steve Jobs complimenting their customer service and asking if there would be a universal email inbox on future iPhones, Jobs simply replied “Yep” from his iPad (big surprise in the device he used to respond).

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4G data chip wont be ready for iPhone 4G


There has been a lot of talk over the last year or so about the iPhone 4G (fourth generation) and its impending arrival. While the iPhone 4G stands for an increase in operating system and technological features of the device itself, it may also stand for the fourth generation of communications technology on the iPhone. Beceem, a company known for making components that make wireless communications possible, has managed to create a new chip that is indeed a 4G chip. According to MacVideo, the new chip called the BCS5000 is said to have speeds and reliability up to the standards of the 4G.

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Get Ready for Verizon Wireless LTE Network Next Year


This might be a little bit of wishful thinking, but it would absolutely be awesome if they managed to pull it off. According to a high-ranking official at Verizon Wireless, the cellular service provider will start rolling out its 4G LTE network as early as next year. More specifically, Verizon ...

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LTE-Equipped BlackBerry Coming from RIM?


Some people are saying that if AT&T didn’t push Research in Motion to create an HSDPA-equipped BlackBerry that the Bold may not have ever come into existence. Well, it seems that while RIM wasn’t quite as motivated to do HSDPA on its own, it very much wants to create a ...

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