AirBar: Transforming Laptop Screen to Touch Screen

AirBar: Transforming Laptop Screen to Touch Screen

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Touchscreen devices have been in the digital market for almost a decade and they aim to give users an amazing experience with their devices. Many devices now boast a touchscreen display which makes them superior against outdated counterparts.

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These days, computers and laptops aren’t upgrading as they should and most users are holding on to their old laptops to avoid spending on unnecessary expenses. If you’re planning to upgrade your laptop just to turn it to a touchscreen one, all you need is AirBar since it makes the conversion a lot easier.

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AirBar is the world’s first plug and touch solution for MacBook Air. It´s a brand new way to interact with your Mac notebook. If you want a touch screen display, this is what you’re looking for. With AirBar, get ready to browse websites, watch videos and play games.

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It is fast and works with fingers, pencils or even a paint brush. AirBar is created and presented by Neonode Inc., a Swedish company. It is known for developing revolutionary sensor-based devices at an affordable price.

How does AirBar work?

It projects an invisible light field all over the screen with the help of zForceAirtechnology sensor. The sensor technology is developed and patented by Neonode Inc. All you need to do is put the stick at the bottom of laptop’s screen. AirBar then projects an invisible light field over the screen.

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You can touch the screen with your fingers, chopsticks or gloves. AirBar breaks light waves that allow you to give the command to your laptop by just sliding your fingers through it. The reason why you can just touch anything on the screen is because the light field reacts to any disturbance. And it detects the movements very accurately.The installation process involves putting a couple of magnets on the laptop to hold the AirBar in place. Once it’s done, all you have to do is plug it into a USB port and the device then emits a light field over the display to pick up your touch navigation pattern, pinch-to-zoom and scrolling gestures.

Of course, you’ll have to remove it to completely close your laptop but the addition of a touchscreen feature with an easy installation makes it a solid case for the add-on. This device add-on can give users a whole new and exciting experience. Users’ interaction with this type of application will increase their work efficiency. Since most people are used to touchscreen devices like smartphones, tablets and others, AirBar is a great help for these people who want an upgrade but without the additional cost. Here are some great features of AirBar that would make you want to install it on your laptop.

AirBar Features

  • Use Windows Gestures – You can pinch, zoom in, zoom out, scroll and swipe with this device.
  • Touch without TouchScreen – Touch without glare and battery drain.
  • Plug & Touch – Connected to the magnetic strip and plug in the USB port to use it, no more skills needed to convert a normal laptop into a touchscreen laptop.
  • Works with Anything – You can use our hand fingers, brush, gloves and anything as an input device and it works.

At this point, AirBar is only compatible with MacBook Air 13.3. It requires 17 mm of free space below the display so it won’t fit on a MacBook Pro.


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