Google Photos is a Great Service Not Many People are Utilizing: See...

Google Photos is a Great Service Not Many People are Utilizing: See a Few Samples

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By now, you’re probably one of those who’ve heard about Google Photos, but choose to ignore it because your photos are good where they’re stored at present. Well, we offer a challenge for you to check it out and see just how good it is, especially when using it in conjunction with its app. It actually makes backing up your photo library effortless.

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It can identify people, even infants, in your images with pinpoint accuracy. It can automatically create albums, GIFs, and movies that people in your life will cherish. Now there’s a first. And there’s no need to read a long instruction manual or user guide for Google PhotosGoogle’s FAQ site is about as close as the company has to give you some sort of a “getting started” handbook.  Here are just a few samples of what Google Photos is capable of doing.

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Moving to Google Photos

Few tasks feel as daunting as transferring your entire photo library from place to another. Few things feel worse than accidentally losing images or videos that you can’t replace either. Although moving photos from anywhere to Google Photos isn’t like just copying your photos from a laptop to a backup external drive, it isn’t that hard either even for non-techies.

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With Apple Photos

If all of your pictures and videos are on your iPhone or Mac, this should be relatively straightforward. Just install Google Photos app on your iPhone or the desktop app in your Mac. On iOS, Google Photos will automatically start backing up your photo library. On Mac, you’ll need to point it to the folder where your photos are stored.

Choose when to back up, what to back up, and what quality

Google Photos automatically backs up any pictures and videos you capture with your smartphone. When you first set up the app, you’ll be given two choices with backup quality. There are optimized or original. Optimized is an enticing choice since it offers unlimited storage for free. It’s also the best choice if you plan on sharing your images online.

Google Photos gives you plenty of flexibility when backups need to happen. You can tell the app to only back up over Wi-Fi if you need to be careful about using too much data on your phone. Google Photos can also be set to do backups only when your phone is being charged to minimize any battery drainage.

Make Movies

We did mention before you can make GIFs, but your parents and other family members might appreciate the movies feature of Google Photos better. To have the app automatically create a movie, select any images and videos you want to include, tap the plus button, and pick ‘movie.’ Unfortunately, ‘Movies’ can only be created with the Google Photos mobile app. You can then either go with whatever Google makes or take control and edit things yourself. To change up the style and transitions, tap the clapperboard icon at the lower left of the screen. To switch up the music track, tap the music note. If you want to adjust the order of content in the movie, add, or drop images, choose the film strip.

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