Best iPhone Applications You Can Get for Free at a Period of...

Best iPhone Applications You Can Get for Free at a Period of Time

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Everybody loves downloading applications especially those that are free. However, there are times that the ones that are good are expensive.

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But did you know that every now and then, the developers of some of those applications have special offers that let users download their apps for free at a limited time?

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Here are the top paid iPhone applications that you get for free on App Store for a certain period of time:

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Home Scan Pro

  • Developed by Nutec Development, LLC.
  • It can scan your network to identify all attached devices and security risks.
  • It gives notifications for security alerts.
  • It can discover devices that are connected to your network.

Week Calendar Pro

  • Tired of forgetting appointments? Try this. This calendar has a different approach because unlike other calendars that are built-in on your phone, it has a different approach because it allows you to customize what you want to see in your calendar that you can easily navigate.


  • This application is the easiest way to organize your notes. It is very easy to use and all you have to do is tap the screen to get a new sheet.

Diary Journal 365

  • Its design lets you automatically sort out your photos on a timetable or map. You can view photos that you captured throughout the week or view it in a specific day.


  • It transforms your mail to a non-stop feed that lets you review and reply on your mail without losing context. With this you can mark each mail as read when it is scrolled above mid screen.


  • If you love shopping buy don’t have the patience to look in many places, then this application is ideal for you. It does all the shopping for you, all you have to do is type or save your preferences and then the application will be the one to look for something you like and let you choose whatever you want. It can protect your wallet too because you can select stuff based on your budget.

Take note that these applications are only available for iPhone. So if you want any of these, switch to IOS now and enjoy these applications while they’re still free. Take advantage of the limited offer and download one when you see that it is free at that time.

It is not all the time that you can download these amazing applications without paying for them. If you do not like what you’ve downloaded, you can just uninstall it, it’s easy as that. So visit app store now and checkout the best deals of the day and find out which ones you can get for free!


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