Best Applications for Your Last-minute Travel Plans

Best Applications for Your Last-minute Travel Plans

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It’s already summer in some places in the world and many people want to travel. Though some already made plans several months ago, there are still some who just came up with a last minute plan.

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Technology changed the way we plan for our travel these days. We no longer need to go to travel agencies to book our flights or go to the hotel where we want to check-in because we rely on phone applications to accomplish these things.

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If you’re planning a last minute getaway, here are some applications that can help you organize your trip without hassle and handle all the necessary transactions for you:

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Google Flights

  • If you want a real-time airfare updates of price fluctuations, you’ll find this app useful. All you have to do is input boarding dates or search by month. You can also type in the places you want to go and your length of you stays per location including how many your companions are. This application will recommend cities along with estimated hotels prices and flight rates. If you have a tight budget but want to relax while travelling then you can use the explore map feature so that you can adjust the parameters when searching a particular destination.


  • It is also a flight search application that uses artificial intelligence and real-time data to make fare predictions. Hopper tells you when is the best time to book your flight because it has a feature that can monitor best prices and determine whether to go grab the last minute getaway or better save it for next time.

Hotel Tonight

  • This caters last minute hotel bookings. It offers you discounted rates and is very accurate. The only thing about this site is that it tends to offer hotels that are pricey but the hotels being shown are the ones with good quality and superb service.


  • This is a very useful travel app and many can attest to that. The app is known for short-term vacation rentals with the family. Usually, they offer an entire house for rental or those that are ideal for groups travelling together. They also have a service called “Experiences” which means events are hosted by the locals and they feature an area where travelers get to have an amazing vacation experience. The app lets you do last-minute bookings.

Google Trips

  • Not to be mixed up with Google Flights, Google Trips is an iOs and Android app for arranging and handling itineraries. If you already have a ticket booked but hasn’t done any research yet on your trip itinerary, this app can be of good use to you. Aside from giving out suggestions, Google Trips can even plan itineraries for select destinations, which is ideal for last-minute adventures.


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