6 Most Expensive Products Apple Ever Sold

6 Most Expensive Products Apple Ever Sold

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Apple has always been known for its products that are expensive, and not really made for the masses. From phones to tablets, computers to phone cases, if it has the Apple brand then it’s possibly one of the priciest products available. This “expensive” reputation has begot a nickname that has become popular with everyone including critics of the company.

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“Apple tax” is the price that customers are willing to pay more to have that famous “apple with a bite” logo adorn their products. Recently however, Apple seems to be backing away from its expensive image and has started on the road to competitive prices for the masses that won’ break a bank account. This started with the company’s AirPods, Apple Watch, and its most recent iPad that would cost only $329.

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This is remarkable considering that the very first iPad that came out was priced at $499 in 2010. So if people are beginning to think that this is the new era for Apple products at mass market prices, let’s look back at some of the most expensive products that company has ever sold.

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Apple LISA, 1985 – $9,995

If you saw that flop 2015 biopic, “Steve Jobs” then you’ll remember that Apple LISA since Michael Fassbender, playing the immortal Jobs, spent most of the movie’s dialogue saying that the computer wasn’t named after his daughter Lisa, until he finally admits that it was. For something as analog in 1985 to cost this much, this means that at today’s prices after inflation, LISA would cost a staggering $24,000. But in 1985, for that price, LISA was the first mouse-operated computer and with a graphic user interface system.

20th Anniversary Macintosh, 1997 – $7,499

The TAM as it was called, was a unique piece of technology back in 1997. But it was only the prehistoric ancestor of the modern-day iMac, with all components inside a slim body behind the screen. At today’s price that’s around $11,200. In less than a year the price got slashed to $1,995 to clear stock, and was never sold again.

Macintosh Portable, 1989 – $7,300

In 1989, Apple released the first ever “portable” computer, ancestor of the laptop. The computer already sported a battery that could be charged, but weighed at 16 pounds, the same weight as a large bowling ball. At today’s price this monstrosity would cost $14,300.

Apple Laser Writer, 1985 – $6,995

What drew in customers to the Writer was that a dozen Macintosh computers could be connected to it. This ability made the price easier to swallow for businesses that were using the Macintosh. Today it would cost $16,000. This is the first laser printer that ushered in the era of desktop publishing.

Apple Watch 2015 Edition – $17,000

Before you say, “you gotta be kidding,” the original price was $349, but since collectors don’t pay cheap for something, Apple announced a version called “Edition” priced this way since it had a rose gold casing and 18-karat gold case and clasps. Unfortunately, other than Beyonce and other collectors, nobody else bit on the price of this Apple Watch.

Souped-up Mac Pro, 2013 – $20,934.45

This technically isn’t a tremendously expensive product, but the bill went up to $20,000 plus after Apple upgraded every possible internal and added every accessory the company could suggest. The final price for this high-end Apple desktop is quite staggering.

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