Guns, Camera, Action! A Wireless Holster Signals to Body Cams When a...

Guns, Camera, Action! A Wireless Holster Signals to Body Cams When a Sidearm is Drawn

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Cops and sheriffs take note, there’s new technology in town so you need to think twice before going for your sidearm in a fast draw. A new holster sensor detects when a policeman’s weapon is drawn and will alert and turn on nearby body cameras, including the body cam of the weapon holder. Axon is the sister company of Taser International, itself known for its non-lethal taser weaponry for subjugation. Axon is the maker of body and dashboard cameras that are now worn by police forces in most of the U.S. and England. Now Axon is expanding its law enforcement technology with the Signal Sidearm, a new gun holster that turns on all body cams nearby when a gun is drawn from a holster.

signal-side-arm Guns, Camera, Action! A Wireless Holster Signals to Body Cams When a Sidearm is Drawn
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Contrary to the name, the Signal Sidearm is not the sidearm itself. It is the wireless sensor attachment that can be retrofitted to most existing sidearm holsters today. The sensor detects when a gun is drawn from the holster, and the company’s Axon Signal technology alerts all nearby body cams in the area. The alert function then turns on the recording feature of any Axon camera, not only body cams but also dashboard cameras and in-car cameras so long as the devices are all within 30 feet of the signaling holster. The simultaneous activation allows law enforcement authorities to record video footage from multiple camera angles. This is vital and indispensable when documenting possible hostile or shooting confrontations.

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The holster sensor is powered by a coin cell battery, and this is expected to last up to 15 years. And since it’s a wireless device, there are no wires to get tangled up in. This also makes it easy to install and very at ease to use in the field in the line of duty. Axon plans to begin selling the Signal Sidearm to law enforcement starting around the third quarter of 2017. The Signal Sidearm is not the only original and cutting edge technology designed to protect police officers in the line of duty (and not the other way around). Earlier in February, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) announced that new technology has been formulated to protect police officers and even other law enforcement agents from ambush while their car is parked.

The Officer Protection Package uses the existing rear park assist systems and the backup to detect movement behind a police or agency vehicle. When movement is detected, the officer or agent is alerted and the car secures itself by flashing the taillights, rolling up the windows, and locking the doors. Both technologies mentioned here are just small examples of what is possible from technology to protect law enforcers. Law enforcement agencies all over the world are increasingly turning to technology to solve some of their hardest problems, so don’t ever be surprised if Axon and Taser can come up with even more.

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