McDonald’s Dedicated Research for Creating the J-straw that will Optimize the Shamrock...

McDonald’s Dedicated Research for Creating the J-straw that will Optimize the Shamrock Shake Experience

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Food is life. When you’re too darn busy to fix yourself a meal, eating out is the best option; but when you’re too hungry to even wait for short orders, fast food chains are a lifesaver. One of the leading fast food chains in the country, McDonald’s have captured the hearts of young and old alike. They are famous for their Signature Big Mac burger, potato fries, and popular ice cream sundaes. Recently, the store has something new for you, the mint-flavored Shamrock Shake. This offer usually launches during St. Patrick’s as it commemorates the season’s color. Last week, they announced that four new flavors of the Shamrock Shake will be offered to the public at a limited time. These flavors are: a chocolate version which features two layers, a chocolate shake on bottom and the mint-custard mix on top; a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe (featuring a mixture of mint syrup, mocha, and caramel frappe), and Shamrock versions of hot chocolate and frappe, which simply add the mint syrup to both those beverages.

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Fans of this 530-calorie mint and whipped cream beverage will surely be in the lookout as these flavors are already whipping up. That’s not everything! The main highlight in introducing the Shamrock Shake is the company’s well-designed Straw. Yes, you heard it right. McDonald’s have stepped up its game by hiring Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone and projects for NASA and DARPA. Seriously. This innovation is set to mark a spot in history. The STRAW, or Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal, is designed to mix the black-and-tan-esque strata of McDonald’s new dual-layer Chocolate Shamrock Shake in perfect proportion. Housed in a glossy black box, this sophistication is aimed at giving you the perfect experience with the Shamrock shake line. The Straw is J-shaped like that of a saxophone with fluted holes on the edge. This design wasn’t achieved overnight; it went through a series of trial and errors and design modification to suit fluid dynamics.

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The initial design was having two straws of different lengths or a straw with holes of different level but when they tested it, the design won’t suffice once you get halfway down, one straw or hole is going to start sucking air. The final J-shape design Works as the end of the J would suck in shake, as would two large holes on its tip, allowing you to get the mix you want. But as the shake dipped below the J holes, those openings wouldn’t start sucking in air as a straight straw with holes would because of a vital third hole, on the bottom of the straw. As long as there’s shake coming through the bottom, you close off the pressure system to the tip of the J. The other finer details like how big the holes would be or the consistency of the fluid to be sucked were studied thereafter and they have concluded that the design can give a 50/50 ratio of the flavors under given conditions. It’s pure genius! So the next time you visit McDonald’s, try their latest Shamrock Shake line and be amazed at the complex engineering “The Straw” does at its simplest.

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