Moon Hoon and his Legacy of Art Fusion with Architecture: The Owl...

Moon Hoon and his Legacy of Art Fusion with Architecture: The Owl House

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South Korea, known for their korean novels, fast food, beautiful places and high regards for technology, South Korea also has great taste in terms of design. They are more on the modern minimalist kind of architecture,and functionality tops their list. One korean architect named Moon Hoon placed quite a unique twist to his own creations. His designs have been built in many places and have stood out among the neighboring structures. Moon Hoon, also called Moonbalsso, is an architect based in Seoul known for his playful and distinct designs in which he fuses art with architecture. He is regarded as “the king of playful architecture” because he doesn’t settle with the norm. His broad interests stir a bottle and one can never tell what he will be doing next. Some project inspirations are as vivid as an animal, as fun as the movies, or as bizarre as a hair dryer or lollipop! The list goes on and on.

moon-hoon-300x170 Moon Hoon and his Legacy of Art Fusion with Architecture: The Owl House
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Recently, Moon Hoon was commissioned to create a home for a client to reflect a “sense of protectiveness and defensiveness” that also has a playful indoor space for a child. With that in mind, Moon Hoon created an idea wherein the house was designed like it was projecting a hidden identity in a form of an owl. The placement of the head was facing the best views of the city. The wings housed the stairs and the head contained a split-level bedroom with a mezzanine in between having a net as a side rail. The room located on the owl’s head was the child’s bedroom and playroom. Directly underneath is a library with full length shelves from floor to the ceiling. Directly behind is the master bedroom and dresser. Beneath that is the open-plan kitchen and living space. The building stood 4 storeys in the concrete city of Busan and the residents nearby can really have a jungle-feel when they look at the house especially at night when the lights are lit, like the glaring eyes of an owl. Other parts of the house were built with much thought. A couple of hidden outdoor spaces can be seen under the owl’s wings, stairs directly underneath, and a glass entryway separates its feet. Even if the house was designed with lots of windows, the setbacks and placement of the angles provided many shades.

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The ground floor has a provision for commercial space for the owner’s business. The ground floor also sits the open-plan kitchen and living room. A sliding door opens to a terrace leading to an open garden. The entry way had a pointing shape with glass shaped like a triangle, enough for light to pass but shades the inner part. Other parts were for common space and bedrooms. Moon Hoon wanted the place to be “quirky and lots of fun” for a child. Circular skylight above the bed gives a great view of the sky. The couple who asked the design was really thrilled with the outcome. The simplicity and functionality of the design was what they needed. The architectural trend nowadays is based on aesthetics and functionality. Being able to incorporate art and your passion for it is a big plus in that line of work. Moon Hoon have other designs that are quite popular on the market. Go ahead and check them out.

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