Hover Boards: Top Picks for January 2017

Hover Boards: Top Picks for January 2017

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Technology has created a sharp turn, making advancements in daily living unimaginable. Citing concepts from the 1967 film “back to the future”, who would have thought that those make-believe inventions will later on come to life? One example is the Hover Board. Hover boards are drawn from the concept of skate boards, a board having wheels on two sides with a platform in between. Although it carries in its name the word “hover”, it doesn’t actually levitate from the ground. Hover boards require a great sense of balancing in order to move. Considered as a portable scooter, this is powered with a rechargeable battery which requires energy rather than fuel. This aspect holds a lot of controversy.

hoverboards-300x162 Hover Boards: Top Picks for January 2017
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In this generation, whatever the trend sparks a multitude of opportunities for retail businessmen. This craving for profit has placed the safety and quality at risk for items sold. For some even, even if tests have been performed and standards followed one can never predict the outcome of experiments.

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As a wise consumer, we have to be keen with the products we purchase. With all the controversy here and there, why should we buy a Hover board? Because it’s Awesome! Besides that, the functionality of getting from point A to point B will be a breeze – with lots of cool factor! Here we feature the best and safest hover boards on the market today. These are as follows:

  1. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

The best is basic. This received the UL 2722 Safety Certification, a safety test against fire. You can feel at ease with these babies without the fear of bursting into flames! Sold at around $400, this can give you a sweet deal. Fully charged, this can give about an hour ride and can carry up to 220 pounds. It has a newer version, the Hovertax DLX 2.0, which carries new designs and custom LED lights. It values at around $600.

  1. Segway miniPRO

The safest. The miniPRO holds a detachable knee bar that helps navigate the hover board by leaning to the desired direction. The knee bar’s length is 20 inches and can be extended up to 34 inches. This Segway designs adds on a safer feel for the rider as one can physically control the navigation. Holding up to 220 pounds, it can cover up to 14 miles. Beside its UL 2722 safety certification, the miniPRO also has a Bluetooth application to remotely control the scooter, customize the tail lights, and activate antitheft features. Talk about handfree connectivity! This value at around $600.

  1. Epikgo Classic

All-terrain. Silicone Valley stepped up from the usual by building an all-terrain hover board. The rugged design is customed to surpass the roughest paths, and is certainly built to last. Covering about 10 miles at 10 mph maximum speed, it can sustain grass, dirt, and pavement and can incline up to 15 degrees. Being UL 2722 certified, its battery pack also received the UL 2271 safety certification. Its wheels have an aluminum fender cover and a durable ABS chassis for the board making this a waterproof little giant. A boastful Bluetooth speaker makes it all ruggedly handsome. Get this for $600.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast camping out in the wilderness, or a committed office buff sprawling through meetings and delivering reports, these hover boards will definitely help in traversing back and forth, saving you enough energy for more important tasks. Don’t forget the fun it gives and the cool factor; most importantly never fail to observe safety measure in using the device.

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