New Battery Case from Mophie for iPhone 6 and 7 Will Keep...

New Battery Case from Mophie for iPhone 6 and 7 Will Keep Your Phone Dry for a Long Time

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For the past 10 years even if it was somewhat ill-advised, many people put off trying on smartphone battery cases for their iPhones because of their bulk. Even during the original iPhone days people were more concerned about keeping their phone’s svelte design intact and visible rather than protecting the phone.  But, last year, when Mophie’s Juice Pack Air battery case for the iPhone 6 Plus came out, many people came away quite impressed. Likewise, when Mophie recently launched a new version of that case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, many people were just as equally happy and said that the results were even better. The Juice Pack Air battery case is meant to be a marriage between a slim design and as much battery that can be stuffed into that design. It is actually a tall order, and even if Mophie had added even a millimeter or two to the size of their case, the results would have been good as well, if not even better.

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As it stands, people are able to get over 30 hours of battery life by using the case. No one could imagine that after using the battery case, after 26 hours, an iPhone 7 Plus is still at 39%, which should be more than enough to get anyone through for another day before recharging. Keep in mind that this 26 hours included 8 hours of continuous audio listening from podcasts that have been playing continuously, media streaming (video and audio), and light gaming while commuting. Light phone users (those who just use text, calls, and the occasional web browsing) could see battery life that exceeds Mophie’s 33-hour battery claims. If all the Juice Pack Air battery case did was provide extra battery life to folks who don’t mind a bulky case, it would be a solid product. But then, it also supports wireless charging. Place your case-clad phone onto one of Mophie’s charging pads and you will hear the familiar charging chime.

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Those looking for a super-slim case will probably be disappointed, but people vow that they never noticed the extra bulk and weight from the case too much. Another consideration is that the case covers your entire phone and charges via MicroUSB. That means those who rely on wired headphones are out of luck. The battery case comes in a bunch of great colors such as black, pink, silver, blue, and red. However, it’s not a case you would really need on a daily basis, though it’s a nice-to-have accessory for times when you know you’ll be away from power for a while. It will certainly be the case to use when traveling, or nights when you’re going out for any purpose and be away from power sources. The Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 7 sells at $99.95 and is available at Amazon. The Juice Pack for iPhone 7 Plus sells at $99.99 and is available at Amazon as well.

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