These Startups Were Seen at the HTC Vive X Accelerator Demo Day

These Startups Were Seen at the HTC Vive X Accelerator Demo Day

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The recent HTC hosted Demo Day in San Francisco highlighted some really great startups that have made some waves through HTC’s Vive X virtual reality accelerator program. Vive X is simply and fully dedicated to accelerating the virtual reality industry in all its aspects. This will definitely come in useful to HTC itself since the company is also looking into delving into virtual reality without needing to come up with the infrastructure.

startups-vive-300x147 These Startups Were Seen at the HTC Vive X Accelerator Demo Day
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Most of these startups have focused on bringing greater social interaction into virtual reality as well as on the structural needs of the industry towards aspects such as analytics and other “backbone” technologies.

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HTC actually has Vive X programs running in San Francisco, Beijing, Taipei, and Shenzhen. Over 1,200 startups have applied in the past for the Vive X program.

Acupuncture VR

Medical instruction can be hard for medical students who may have only limited access to cadavers to practice on. Medical Augmented Intelligence is working on a virtual reality tool called Acupuncture VR designed to help medical students gain the training and insights to help them in fields such as surgery or even just to stick needles in the right way.


ObEN wants to use VR for highly personalized virtual reality avatars. The technology allows users to snap a selfie and create a realistic avatar of themselves. The app has WeChat integrations that allow the user to share the VR to the outside world. While other VR social apps will only give you highlighted fun with cartoon-like VR avatars, ObEN gives a more professional and realistic look to avatars for sectors such as healthcare that require more human-like avatars.


Apmetrix is a more or less established company that presented at the Demo Day, and has been helping other companies in the past such as Atari and GM. The company is now looking into virtual reality data analytics efforts by using Emoscore that takes a number of biometric indicators to track a test user’s emotional response to content that they’re viewing. The company has already launched a beta service for testing.


This startup was one of the few at Vive X that featured real hardware. The company uses ultrasound technology to track a user’s hands accurately in 3D space on mobile headsets. The company aims to release a developer kit next year.


This is an interface for social interaction that extends across platforms allowing users to stay connected with their friends in virtual reality. The company is currently working on its own dedicated social app.


This is another startup in the VR 3D modeling space. It creates a software suite for studios to build immersive experiences. Its image-based rendering engine allows people in different fields such as marketing, advertising, visual effects, film, product design, and architecture to import 3D models and create photorealistic experiences to show what a certain design or idea will look like.

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