Planning to Switch from Apple to Android this Christmas? Here’s How to...

Planning to Switch from Apple to Android this Christmas? Here’s How to Migrate from One Phone to Another

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Understandably, even the most loyal Apple user was totally, and really more than totally, dismayed with the launching of the iPhone 7. This dismay has led many, and really many, to look for Android smartphone alternatives. And the fact that it’s the Christmas season, there are so many Android phones out there on sale or promotion (just don’t fall for the Chinese brands).

iphone-to-android-300x153 Planning to Switch from Apple to Android this Christmas? Here’s How to Migrate from One Phone to Another
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But migrating from iOS to Android is incredibly simple and doesn’t need the hiring of a rocket scientist. So, if you already unwrapped your Android phone, here we go…

First, you need a Google account

Chances are you already have one for work or for personal use. If you don’t have an account, it’s so easy to create one.

You can use Google apps to migrate media

Two of the most important stuff on any smartphone – pictures and music – can easily be manually migrated from iOS to Android by downloading these two apps: Google Photos iOS app and Google Music Manager for macOS or Windows. All you need is to follow the instructions and you’re good to go for all transfers.

Keeping your contacts

Many iPhone users already use their Google account, so you don’t need to do anything since contacts from your Google account are stored in the cloud and will make the transition to Android automatically. For iPhone users, you’ll need to use a desktop or laptop to open and transfer contacts manually by following the instructions. You’ll also need to open your Gmail to finish the transfer manually.

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One last thing…

Be sure to turn off your iMessage when switching to Android or else future messages will still be directed to your iPhone. Open the Settings app on your iPhone one last time and swipe until you find Messages. Tap that and make sure you turn iMessage off. Once you’ve done that you’ve successfully removed yourself from the Apple ecosystem and are ready to start experiencing everything Android has to offer.

And since you’re switching to an Android phone, here are the smartest smartphone buys that can be suggested for your personal Christmas gift (just skip the Samsung, just in case, and skip the Chinese brands, if you don’t want low quality and getting spied on).

Google Pixel is the ultimate smartphone

Since Android is from Google, it’s only wise that Google will maximize on everything for its flagship smartphone that rivals even the best from Apple. It even costs almost the same as an iPhone at $649.

Moto Z Force

Now that Motorola is under the Lenovo flag, its flagship Moto Z Force at $700 not only rivals the best iPhone but you can buy accessories that expand the phone’s features. A JBL speaker converts the smartphone into a portable speaker, an Insta-Share Projector lets you project movies directly from your phone to a screen projector or wall, and a Hasselblad camera converts the phone into a point-and-shoot camera.

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