According to Some Users, There’s an Apple iPhone Bug that Shuts Down...

According to Some Users, There’s an Apple iPhone Bug that Shuts Down their iPhone with 30% Power Left

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In the last couple of weeks some Apple phone users have complained that the latest iOS update is causing their iPhones to suddenly shut off with still 30% of power left or the battery drains off faster than normal. In the complaints filed with Apple and published on their Apple Forums and News, after users updated to iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.1.1, certain iPhone models would suddenly shut down even if their batteries indicated that there was still 30% of power left. In other models when power was down to 30% the battery would suddenly drain faster and suddenly the phone would shut down. But users noticed that when they plugged in their iPhones to charge up, the indicators jumped back to the 30% mark.

apple-iphone-bug-300x203 According to Some Users, There’s an Apple iPhone Bug that Shuts Down their iPhone with 30% Power Left
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As soon as the complaints went online and news of this irregularity went viral, reporters and other employees at, Reddit, and Business Insider began complaining and suffering from this issue as well after updating to the iOS 10.1.1, which was released in later October. The conditions of the issue seem to vary, but the common denominators are that: The point of shutdown is on, slightly higher, or lower than 30% and that the phones most affected are the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5s, so far. Due to the rise in the complaints, earlier in November, Apple announced a free battery replacement program for users experiencing “unexpected shutdown issues,” but this program was limited only to iPhone 6s devices that are affected, but manufactured between September and October 2015. This results in only a select number of devices being currently eligible to receive a new battery.

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With more than just iPhone 6s devices seeming to suffer from the unexpected shutdowns, though, there’s a chance that some iPhone owners are now stuck with a supposedly faulty battery, with no apparent fix for the time being. However, there is still no verification as to whether the problem is with the update or a faulty battery since this issue only takes light when the update is downloaded automatically. It’s worth remembering that user grumblings over an iOS update causing iPhone battery issues are nothing new. There’s an endless array of factors that could cause a phone’s battery to behave strangely, from buggy apps to hardware stress to basic user neglect. Some users have reported similar unexpected shutdown issues with the iOS 8 and iOS 9 updates in the past as well, thought the number of complaints was far less in number. Still, while the majority of iPhone owners don’t appear to be affected, iOS 10 has not been immune to bugs since its public release in September, and there at least seems to be some smoke worth noting.

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