These Handy Car Gadgets Cost Less Than $100 (Great for the Holidays...

These Handy Car Gadgets Cost Less Than $100 (Great for the Holidays as Well)

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Now that technology is far advancing more than people can churn out inventions, car accessories and gadgets most certainly will have their fair share.

car-gadgets-300x218 These Handy Car Gadgets Cost Less Than $100 (Great for the Holidays as Well)
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This is good news for the motorists since these gadgets are of really great help in both preparing for the road, during the driving experience, and for emergencies. And since Christmas is fast approaching, these gadgets do make very nice Christmas gift surprises for family and close friends who are also motorists. They will surely appreciate the added convenience of these gadgets.

Key Finder (Amazon – $24.99)

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Before you can drive, you’ll need your car keys. Keeping a Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker on your keychain will always help you know where your car keys are located. You simply attach the Tile to your keychain, and whenever you misplace your car keys, you can use the Tile app to make your keys ring. The app also tracks the last place it paired with your smartphone.

Dash Camera (Black Box B60, Amazon – $69.95)

Dashcams come in handy if you get into an accident. The forward facing camera footage it captures can be used to prove who is responsible for a car crash. The Black Box B60 dashcam can shoot 30 frames per second and automatically kick on whenever it senses any sudden braking, impact, or rapid acceleration.

Portable Jumper Starter Kit (Suaoki portable jump starter kit with built-in flashlight, Amazon – $89.99)

What if you’re on the road and far from the nearest gasoline station just when you need a jump start, which is why it’s wise to always keep a jump starter kit in your vehicle. A jump starter kit is basically a battery source that allows you to start your car when it dies by simply hooking the clamps on the kit to the car’s battery. It can also be used as a backup power source.

Seat Belt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker (Amazon – $17.95)

This device is exactly what it is and will prove handy during emergencies. It can be used to cut seat belts and break car windows in case you or someone else is trapped after an extreme road accident. The Resqme Seat Belt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker easily goes on your keychain.

Tire Pressure Gauge (Amazon – $12.95)

This very affordable digital tire pressure gauge is the Lantoo 150PSI digital tire pressure gauge. This tire pressure monitoring system lets you easily keep tabs on the health of your tires. The display shows the pressure of each tire so that you can easily detect when something is wrong.

Drop Stop (Amazon – $19.99)

Ever experienced dropping something in your car and it drops straight down in between the car seats. Well, this may be a simple car accessory, but it’s incredibly useful. The Drop Stop fits between your car seat and the center console so that you never lose anything in that annoying crevice ever again. A single purchase gives you two Drop Stop inserts for both front seats.

There are virtually hundreds of other car gadgets and accessories on the internet for under $100. All you need to do is to browse around.

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