The Air Selfie Handheld Drone is So Small It Fits into a...

The Air Selfie Handheld Drone is So Small It Fits into a Phone Case

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In the pursuit of the perfect selfie, or to put it ably, the pursuit of how to comfortably take a selfie, many hand-held devices have been created. But the Air Selfie is completely different. It is a very small quadcopter that fits in the palm of your hand and can also fit into a standard custom phone case for charging or storage. So before Special Forces or James Bond from MI6 starts to add the Air Selfie in their budgetary requests, the mini-drone can only fly for 3 minutes. But this is more than enough time for the drone to snap a quick group selfie picture when selfie sticks are rendered useless to get everyone in the picture. It can also be used to take aerial overhead photos for large halls, fairs, and even concerts.

airselfie-drone-1-300x207 The Air Selfie Handheld Drone is So Small It Fits into a Phone Case
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Air Selfie drone can be controlled with one hand through the iOS or Android app. It can fly up to a height of 20 meters (65 feet). Using the app you can snap a photo or video so the drone will hover autonomously. You can use the drone indoors or outdoors, except in extreme weather. The drone has 3 flight modes to pilot the Air Selfie for varying control degrees. The most basic is Selfie mode wherein the drone is tossed up and is flown using basic controls for moving farther away or closer. Selfie Motion Control mode allows you to control the drone with a virtual joystick for more flight options. When the phone is in landscape orientation the user can engage Flight mode, which turns your phone into a classic controller, giving you full freedom. Once you find the perfect spot, the AirSelfie will automatically hover.

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When you’re done flying, you can just fly the drone closer to you and pluck the AirSelfie out of the air, which can be done safely with your bare hand. When returned to its case, it will recharge in 30 minutes. With an integrated camera that shoots five-megapixel pictures or HD video, this drone certainly isn’t intended to compete with the much bigger photo drones. It is just part of a growing number of commercial, compact, and consumer-oriented selfie drones that put convenience first. However, the Air Selfie may just be the most convenient yet because of its small size as since no other selfie drone in the market comes close to its small size. If you don’t mind a little extra bulk on your belt you can carry it with you by attaching the case on your belt. So far, the Air Selfie has raised just over $11,000 of its $48,000 Kickstarter goal. Pledge levels that include the Air Selfie as a reward start at €179 euros, or about $190, although this particular tier is limited to just 1,000 backers with only a few spots remaining. The drone will eventually retail for around €270 euros or about $287.

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