These Startups from New York are Set to Become Really Hot

These Startups from New York are Set to Become Really Hot

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If you’re familiar with the popular “New York” song from Alicia Keys: “Ohh… New York… If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere, that’s what they say.” This just about sums up how the balance of technology is slightly shifting from the Silicon Valley back towards the east coast.

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In fact, some Silicon Valley companies are beginning to fight for turf in New York City. But today, there are many New York startup companies poised to be successful and really hot in the tech world, most likely armed with lessons from its neighbor venture capitalists on Wall Street and finally glad Clinton isn’t the next president-elect.


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Formerly MyPizza, it’s a mobile app that lets you order pizza from local pizzerias. Users just log on to the app and place an order at their local pizza place rather than calling it in. 2016 has been a major revamp year for the company; in less than 12 months, the company has added more than 100 employees without any recruiting. It counts more physical pizzerias as partners than there are Domino’s locations in the US. Founder: Ilir Sela.


Dia&Co is a clothing subscription service for women who wear size 14 and up. Don’t laugh because this is a real problem that many women face on a daily basis. The company was founded in 2014 by two Harvard Business School graduates to solve a multimillion-dollar problem, that is, most traditional retailers don’t cater to plus-size women. Surprisingly, more than 65% of US women wear a size 14 and up but those sizes are rarely carried in stores. Women who sign up for Dia take a survey to determine what styles and fits they need, then are assigned a store that works with them to create selections that are mailed to their home. They have clients in all 50 states and its revenue has grown 35 times over the last year. Founders: Nadia Boujarwah and Lydia Gilbert.


Remy is tackling a massive, and not particularly sexy, problem, this being compliance in the insurance space. Founded by healthcare industry veteran Kayla Sanders in early 2015, Remy has created cloud-based software to simplify and streamline the process for health plans such as the Affordable Care Act to stay compliant. Founders: Kayla Sanders and Reuben Doetsch.


Clarifai founder Matthew Zeiler began his career as a Google intern, working on machine learning challenges. Three years later, Zeiler has formed his own company and grown Clarifai to one of the foremost artificial intelligence startups out there. Clarifai’s image and video recognition technology combs through pictures and identifies what is in each image. The technology can detect everything from different colors, to components like a mountain or river, to descriptions that need more specificity like “scenic” or “natural disaster.” Clarifai is aimed at businesses, and licenses its API for as low as $19 per month, or can create custom plans for bigger companies. Founder: Matthew Zeiler.

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