These Awesome Tech Can’t be Purchased Yet, but You Can Start Preordering...

These Awesome Tech Can’t be Purchased Yet, but You Can Start Preordering or Invest in Crowdfunding

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On sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo there are literally thousands of new techs and other stuff just waiting for crowdfunding or major investors.

airselfie-drone-300x163 These Awesome Tech Can’t be Purchased Yet, but You Can Start Preordering or Invest in Crowdfunding
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While there is no shortage of the weird and virtually useless, there are more than their share of the really useful and very promising. So, once again, here are the latest just put up recently that seems to be promising in their perceived usefulness.

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AirSelfie Pocket-sized Selfie Drone

James Bond and Special Forces eat your heart out. Now that drones have proved their usefulness the race is on to shrink them down to portable size, and we don’t just mean box-portable. And now that smartphones, compact sensors, cameras, and processors are also going miniaturized, it’s only a matter of time for ultra-portable mini drones. AirSelfie is slim and fits into your pocket, only slightly bigger than the average smartphone. Just toss it in the air and fly it using a smartphone app. It shoots 5-megapixel photos or HD videos. We won’t be surprised if it suddenly appears on the budget requests of SEALs or MI6.

Kaffee – Integrated Fireplace in a Coffee Table

Living in an apartment without a fireplace, or just can’t afford one? You have modern technology to thank for this coffee table with a built-in flame generator that you can switch on with just a button push. It uses commercially available fuel and is smoke and fume free, so no need to install air ducts or a chimney. It’s optimal for indoor environments and its glass and steel enclosure ensures it to be clean and minimalist.

Vixole Customizable LED Sneakers

About the most hi-tech sneakers on the market today is the one that laces by itself. Now, startup ShiftWear is giving a new vision to futuristic footwear. Vixole sneakers functions like a digital canvas that allows you to customize or adjust the look of your shoes to suit an outfit or occasion. It has flexible LED screens and embedded sensors that allows wearers to an app on your smartphone using Bluetooth. You can take a picture and upload, draw your own design, or create your own visualization that displays on the LED screen.

Freedrum Portable Virtual Drum Kit

Why anyone today would still want to be a drummer now that music is going digital is beyond us, since human drumming can now be replaced by pre-set drumming apps. But for those who want to go this direction but can’t afford an initial drum set, Freedrum doesn’t need any physical drum pads for you to hit. The entire experience is virtual: You just strap a pair of sensor packs on your sticks and start practicing. Freedrum boasts a bevy of smart sensors. The system uses finely-tuned gyroscopes and accelerometers to determine several parameters things like where you’re drumming, or how hard you’re hitting each drum based on angles and velocity. This data is translated into “hit areas” that can be programmed to create your desired sound through the Bluetooth app. The setup is powered by a miniature, high-capacity LiPo battery, which can be charged in under an hour, and will keep your drumsticks charged for seven hours of continuous drumming.

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