The Microsoft Surface Book versus Apple MacBook Pro. And the Winner? Microsoft...

The Microsoft Surface Book versus Apple MacBook Pro. And the Winner? Microsoft Hands Down

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Another election is coming for computer and laptop users, but it’s not the political kind. This is a choice for users searching for the ultimate power in a machine. Of course this is something the recent low-tech candidates neither understand, what with Clinton who doesn’t know how to handle e-mails and Trump just discovering what Google search is all about.

microsoft-surface-book-review-300x157 The Microsoft Surface Book versus Apple MacBook Pro. And the Winner? Microsoft Hands Down
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Anyway, presenting the candidates: Apple’s MacBook Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Book. Let’s look at their platforms.

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Apple MacBook Pro

Technically, the MacBook Pro isn’t really new because it’s just been completely redesigned. It’s now as thin and light as the MacBook Air, but it has a lot more power. It also has Apple’s high-resolution Retina display. Its new key feature is the new Touch Bar that replaces the traditional physical function keys with a row of digital keys that change depending on the app being used. The MacBook Pro comes in two sizes: 13-inch or 15-inch.

Microsoft Surface Book

The Surface Book sports a lot of processing power, a big, beautiful touchscreen display, and the Surface Pen stylus for note taking and sketching. For extra computing power, it includes a dedicated GPU great for gaming or creative work. Recently, Microsoft also introduced the Performance Base, a premium edition with even more juice inside. But the Surface Book’s most crowd-pleasing feature is the ability for the screen to actually detach and become a fully-functional tablet on its own.


MacBook Pro: 13-inch model – $1,799. 15-inch model – $1,999. You’ll need to spend more when you upgrade the RAM, processor, or storage.

Surface Book: Basic Surface Book model – $1,499wl with detachable screen and Surface Pen stylus. The Surface Book with dedicated GPU starts at $1,899, and the top-of-the-line Performance Base models start at $2,400. You’ll need to spend more for more storage or RAM.

Winner: Microsoft Surface Book. Although the MacBook Pro is cheaper, you get more features and power, like a dedicated graphics processor, for your money with the Surface Book.

Display Screen

Winner: Microsoft Surface Book. Both computers have gorgeous, high-resolution screens, but the touchscreen and pen input on the Surface Book allow you to get more accomplished. The MacBook Pro’s Touch bar, while innovative, feels limited in comparison and is just an upgrade actually from the original model.

Operating System

Winner: Tie. This two way tie actually comes down to personal preference. Both Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10 are great operating systems. The biggest advantage of Windows it that it is gaming compatible, being the best platform for almost all games.


Winner: Microsoft Surface Book, this one is close. But the edge is given to the Surface Book because its extra graphics power, especially on the Performance Base, is a killer if you’re doing heavy-duty gaming, creative work, or using it for DJ duties. This is the first laptop outside of the Apple line that can handle DJ electronic music mixing and other DJ-related entertainment work.

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