Nike’s New NY Store is Filled with Tech and is Massive like...

Nike’s New NY Store is Filled with Tech and is Massive like Disney World

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Many, many years ago, the five-floor Nike Town store on Broadway in New York City was the sneaker heaven of Nike fans. This was the age of the Air Force 1’s and Dunks and Air Jordans. At that time this Nike Town Soho Store was considered the Disneyland for sneakers. Fast track to 2016 and Nike’s New York Soho store is still the Disney World for sneakers and is now more massive, so massive in fact that aside from an ocean of sneaker shoes that will have your head spinning, the store also features techy stuff; yes, techy stuff in a sneaker store. You would probably think of tech stuff to be in a store like Apple, and a Nike store would just have, well, sneakers. But this is 2016 and technology and sneakers can now have an unparalleled partnership in a store. The store is still 5 floors but is now truly state-of-the-art. For instance, on one floor, you can pre-test running shoes by running on a treadmill surrounded by a near 180 degree LED screen.

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Runners can actually choose different environments to run in while testing out the shoes. There’s even a Nike running assistant to, well, assist you, what else? In this way you don’t have to just try out the shoes if it fits and just take a few steps. On another floor there is actually a half-sized basketball court where you can test basketball sneakers. On another floor there is a mini-soccer field in order to try out the Nike cleats. And honestly, the assistants at these floors will literally ask you to play so you can really check out the shoes. These assistants aren’t just there to stand around and sell, and boy, can they play too.  Oh, and did we mention that the basketball court is also Kinect-powered? The Kinect sensors capture body movements and display that data on the screen in front of you.

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Of course, it’s quite obvious that all this tech stuff is there to impress to customers and convince them to buy some merchandise, which is the whole point of a Nike store anyway.  All decorations and wall prints are 3D printed, something never before attempted in other stores. And since you’re there for the sneakers and not the tech stuff, you will find 50-foot walls with rows upon rows of Nike sneakers of every conceivable style, color, and concept, and there are even the classic Nike shoes sold back in the 80’s and 90’s is you’re still into that era. Also, other Nike products are sold like socks, shirts, sweatpants, and other wearable accessories. The store will also provide Apple Pay support and wall-mounted touchscreens where you can hail a helpful associate, or buy Swoosh gear on the spot.  The Nike Soho Store was scheduled to be open on Friday November 11, but the opening date has been moved and still to be announced due to some permit issues.

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