This Lamp Is The Lightest And Will Levitate While Lighting Your Day...

This Lamp Is The Lightest And Will Levitate While Lighting Your Day And Moods

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This is a lamp that will have magician-wanna-be Harry Potters’ breaking out their wands. The lamp will light up a room, can change color and illumination that suits your mood, and will hover in the air, yes, levitate and still be lighting up. Perhaps this may be the decade that will end lamps with boring grounded positions. “Lighted” as it is called, is the brainchild of a company called Base Forge. The product is currently raising funds through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The levitating lamp is all that is described above, and can be controlled through a smartphone app. Its platform and base are handmade from recycled wood. According to Base Forge’s CEO, Chris Muscat Azzopardi, himself an architect and industrial engineer, “Lightest didn’t even need any new or cutting edge technology to build the lamp. This project for a levitating product was something that kept recurring with accidental discoveries using existing technology. When this project was mixed with another Base Forge project on wireless electricity transfer, we saw a great idea and a winner.”

levitating-lamp-300x241 This Lamp Is The Lightest And Will Levitate While Lighting Your Day And Moods
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The levitation process relies on a strong magnet in the lamp’s wooden base that provides the main lift. A strong smaller magnet in the levitating platform and four small electromagnets provide added stability. The LED light is allegedly rated to last up to 50,000 hours. Aside from the power cable, it also has an embedded battery in the base that lasts up to 6 hours at full brightness. This makes the lamp entirely portable and so you can take it anywhere in the house or even outside in the yard, on a picnic, or while camping. Lightest can be stationary while levitating or you can give it a little spin and it will keep spinning for hours because of the lack of friction. The lamp is powered using basic induction, something that everyone learns in school during science or electronics classes. The electric current is generated in the light by passing a current through the base. Through the smartphone app you can control the lamp to turn it on or off, change the intensity of the light, or change its color to set the mood.

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Chris Azzopardi further stated, “For the creative people and techies out there we have made the lampshade detachable, meaning that anyone can handcraft their own lampshade or 3D-print their own. You can also create a small illuminated platform to hover a trophy or toy model. There’s even a maker’s kit that just includes the magnet, without the platform and lampshade or light, so you can attach this to any non-metallic object and float whatever you like.” If you want to get hold of the Lightest levitating lamp, you can place a preorder on Kickstarter, where a base and lamp will cost around $152 or €140. The lamp will need at least €60,000 in crowdfunding by December 12 in order for the project to move forward into production and shipment.

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