Gryphon Is A Smart Router Designed To Protect Your Home Against Cyber...

Gryphon Is A Smart Router Designed To Protect Your Home Against Cyber Attacks

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Big companies and banks aren’t the only ones being hit by hackers around the world. Home computer users are also targeted by hackers for the precious information to get into bank accounts and other cash-related data. Now, a startup company has found a way to protect homes from getting hacked. The new device is the creation of John Wu and Gryphon Online Safety, a 17-person startup based in San Diego, California. Gryphon has created a Wi-Fi router that is designed to block cyber-attacks. When the Gryphon is plugged into ordinary commercial broadband modem, the installed software monitors and scans all regular internet traffic, sniffing out unusual internet activity or traffic. It also checks out other wireless devices like AI assistants, thermostats, and webcams. Gryphon was developed for home use, so no model is yet out or in development for large corporate offices. Consumers can now preorder for $149 on Kickstarter until December 9.

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After this the device will retail for $199 and will not include a subscription to the antivirus software. This is a separate package that will cost around $40 a year. This router protection device comes at the right time when people are worried about their online protection and just how vulnerable their computers can be. More recently, a big denial-of-service attack brought down a handful of websites for some time. The well-executed denial-of-service distributed attacks even knocked out the independent cyber security news site Krebs on Security offline using an overload of unusual traffic per second in order to overload and shut down the servers. Experts who studied the attack explained that these attacks by hackers targeted victim sites that were bombarded by tens of thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as connected IP cameras, digital video recorders, and unsecure routers.

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These connected devices have been reported in the past to be vulnerable to hacking, and when compromised, can be used to send extremely large volumes of traffic to a specific site. And parents will be happy that not only is protection given by Gryphon round the clock and in real time, but there is also parental control if there are underage teenagers or children in the family. Gryphon also gives a home a sort of blanket protection now that technology has left more than one or two points of internet access open because of other connected devices. Since it’s impractical to install antivirus software on each one, Gryphon solves this problem by simply being connected to the main router. The device can even be set up to adjust age levels for different devices, preset bedtime and studying hours, and even suspend internet access in order to favor family time. This means that not only will internet access from the router now be safer for the home but will also infuriate teenagers when their tablets and phones suddenly loss access.

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