5 Fun Games that Made the Switch and Can Now be Played...

5 Fun Games that Made the Switch and Can Now be Played on New Nintendo Console

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Well, bad news for Gen X’ers because Nintendo just announced that its Wii U console will no longer be sold. Face it though, Gen X’ers, that the Wii U was a failure, so Nintendo just came out with its new generation console called “The Switch.” Technically and financially a flop, the Wii U was an underpowered hardware that couldn’t compete with the likes of Xbox and Playstation.

nintendo-300x149 5 Fun Games that Made the Switch and Can Now be Played on New Nintendo Console
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However, it did have a great lineup of exclusive games. With the entry of the new Nintendo Switch, some of these games get to live a second life for the ultimate opportunity for users to play them again, or as new games. Some of these games will even be given sequels on the new Switch, but not all. All games will have bonus features due to the re-release.

Super Mario Maker

Unlike the Super Mario Bros. series, Super Mario Maker is a different story, as the outstanding Mario creation tool was made possible entirely because of the Wii U’s touch screen. Since the Switch will obviously have one, then it makes sense to have this game.

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is an enthusiastically flurried game of combo-based action, which puts players in control of a witch who has guns in her shoes and summons demons using her hair. It’s a niche game that Nintendo funded, and it didn’t sell well, so they put it in Wii U. It deserves a little more exposure on the new and more promising Switch console. Take this as an example: there’s a level near the end of the game where you just play “Star Fox” for a few minutes. This game is really amazing so it deserves another shot on a better console.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

If you like big and sprawling role-playing games like “Fallout,” you were probably disappointed by what the Wii U had to offer. Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t in exactly the same class as those other games, but it proved to be pretty impressive in its own right. It’s a gigantic RPG set on an alien world, where you are tasked with helping refugee humans build a new life after the destruction of Earth. You’ll have to fight aggressive alien armies as well as local wildlife across five breathtaking continents. The sheer size of this game is staggering, as its massive open world is entirely seamless, with no loading screens. It’s extremely dense with different systems and menus you have to manage, but if you want to lose yourself in one game for 80 hours, this game is a go for you.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

This turn-based RPG is pop music-themed, which means it exists for either 50 people or for the girls only, but it’s also really good. In this game, you and your teenage Japanese friends juggle time to become pop idols and using the power of pop music to defeat horrific monsters. It’s goofy and extremely anime.

Pokken Tournament

Instead of searching for Pokemons, this is a better game that puts you in direct control of a bunch of the coolest Pokémon in existence in a one-on-one competitive fighting game. It’s deep with satisfying moves to pull off in unique 3D gameplay. But the most important thing about this game is that you can play as Pikachu wearing a little luchador outfit.

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