5 Apps That Make Better Phone Calls than Your Phone App, for...

5 Apps That Make Better Phone Calls than Your Phone App, for Free, and Your Phone Probably Has Them Already

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If you haven’t tried exploring your phone, you probably have a few or all of the apps we’re about to name and you didn’t even know they can make better quality phone calls than your regular phone app. Funny thing is, a couple of these are probably on your desktop or tablet and you didn’t even know what they are capable of.

phone-call-apps-300x201 5 Apps That Make Better Phone Calls than Your Phone App, for Free, and Your Phone Probably Has Them Already
Image Source | Pixabay.com

Regular phone calls are fine, but these apps not only give you the ability to see who you’re calling, but they can be used for downright no cost. That’s right, they’re free. Naturally, these apps will use up a bit of your data, and so you’ll need to use them within range of Wi-Fi, unless you’ve stored a really large cache on your data usage.

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But they’re free once you’re in Wi-Fi range and they can even be used for international voice calls as well. Well, the only real downside to all this is that whoever you’re calling also needs to have the same app, but these ones are so popular we’re willing to bet your Uncle Willy in Alaska has them if he’s using a smartphone.

Facebook Messenger

It’s no surprise that the world’s most used and popular social media app is already on all smartphones, and this includes the separate Facebook Messenger app. Facebook’s Messenger is mostly known for text messaging, but you can use it to make crystal clear phone calls over your data and Wi-Fi connections. And video calls too. You can also make audio and video calls from Facebook on your computer as well, now that you know about the app.


Skype has been around since the very early days of video calling, and it’s been used on so many computers for staying in touch with faraway family and friends. It’s mostly used for video calling, but you can make voice-only calls using Skype on your mobile device as well.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is originally an app for Google’s desktop Gmail chat feature (now also called Hangouts). It has evolved to include voice and video calls on both mobile devices and computers.

FaceTime Audio (iPhone only)

We’re willing to bet iPhone users don’t know about this app. Like Skype, the FaceTime app is mostly known for video calls, but it can be used for audio or voice calls as well. Since it’s exclusive on the iPhone, it’s also found on Mac computers as well. So if you know friends or family who have iPhones or Macs, then you know they have the FaceTime app, so it’s time to call.


WhatsApp is an international favorite for messaging, and it can make better phone calls than your regular phone app. The only somewhat downside is that it doesn’t have video calling, and you can’t make calls from your computer. But if your purpose is just to make free calls then call away.

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