This Self-Illuminating Jacket is Great at Keeping Runners and Cyclists Safe at...

This Self-Illuminating Jacket is Great at Keeping Runners and Cyclists Safe at Night

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Going out on the road at night has always conjured up concerns of safety for runners and cyclists who want to be ensured they are very much visible to every driver out there. These safety concerns mean that runners and cyclists should be visible to both oncoming traffic AND traffic on the other side of the road as well. This has spawned an industry full of clip-on lights, reflective clothing, and headlamps. Sometimes they’re helpful, and sometimes an annoyance if they get in the way. On Indiegogo however, there is a new jacket that was recently developed that uses a quite obvious solution to the problem of road visibility at night. By using innovative fabrics, this new jacket is self-illuminating to make after-dark workout routines much safer. It’s called the Fanight jacket. The Fanight jacket is the first and only (so far) self-illuminating jacket in the world designed for outdoor use at night.

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The feat of a self-lighting jacket is achieved by using specially developed fabrics called “re nano” that absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun during the day and then re-emits that energy as light when night time comes. This results in the whole wearer literally lighting up and is seen more clearly as a human form rather than just clipped-on reflectors or lights that may confuse a driver at first.  It only takes 20 minutes of exposure to the sun to activate Fanight. The jacket will then illuminate for up to two hours at night. Call this your mobile and portable solar energy jacket. And when you buy the jacket, it comes with more accessories to keep you even safer. Aside from getting lighted up, the jacket also has a stowaway hood, storm cuffs to protect your hands from bad weather, a headphone port, and 3 zippered pockets, aside from a hidden security compartment.

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To further enhance visibility there are integrated reflectors sewn into the jacket but aren’t intrusive. The jacket’s re nano cloth is highly breathable, fast drying, and moisture repelling, perfect for any dry or wet weather, except when it’s a hurricane or snowing heavily. Fanight is designed by a fashion designer (not a techie or engineer this time). Rico Lee has been a fashion designer for the past 15 years. He started on outdoor gears in 2009 when he worked for Northland and Acome as head design director and head innovation director respectively. A few of his designs are recognized by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics. Fanight is also the name of the company manufacturing the jacket and is comprised of research scientists, fashion designers, fitness experts, and merchandising experts working together. They are hoping to raise at least $30,000 in order to kick start the project through crowdfunding. Hopefully, Fanight can begin production by the end of 2016 so shipments of the final product can begin in February 2017. The jacket can be pre-ordered for $79 at Indiegogo and will be priced at $129. It comes in pink, green, and blue for women and green and blue for men.

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