What’s that Buzzing Sound? Is that a Drone Patrolling Our Neighbor’s Property?

What’s that Buzzing Sound? Is that a Drone Patrolling Our Neighbor’s Property?

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Sunflower Labs introduces a home security system that uses sensors and a patrolling drone.

Sunflower Labs is a Zurich and Silicon Valley-based technology company (hence the flower name, get it?) on Thursday announced the full development of the Sunflower Home Awareness System. The system is actually composed of two major components: Sunflower Lights and Sunflower Flying Camera. The full system combines state of the art sensor fusion technology with autonomous drone flying and real-time video streaming to create the ultimate surveillance around your home and yard. Sunflower Labs is backed by a major investor $2.1 million grant from General Catalyst Partners and Angel Investment as well as money from crowdfunding sources. The major concept for the Sunflower Home Awareness System stems from the fact that all security systems haven’t really evolved in more than 4 decades. Traditional security systems heavily rely on perimeter breaching motion sensors and stationary cameras that are often pointed in the wrong direction.

sunflower-home-awareness-system-300x154 What’s that Buzzing Sound? Is that a Drone Patrolling Our Neighbor’s Property?
Image Source | Youtube.com

These systems have a 95% false alarm rate since they can’t identify false alarms from the real breaches. This means that local police dispatching usually gives alarm alerts from homeowners a very low priority. According to Alex Pachikov, founder and CEO of Sunflower Labs, and co-founder Chris Eheim, the technology used for this system didn’t exist even 5 years ago. But with the speedy advances in sensor, video, and drone technology, it all became possible. The whole project also started from a joke when Alex kept complaining that sometimes he would hear sounds at his backyard but didn’t want to go out. Chris told him to send a drone outside. Though meant as a joke, Chris saw the potential in this concept, and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

How does it work?

The Sunflower Smart Lights that look like ordinary garden lights are placed around a property and use sensor fusion to identify any activity approaching as well as cross-property movement. The sensors can identify false alarms such as an animal that enters the property or just normal rhythmic activity. The Sunflower Home Awareness System will only alert homeowners if something out of the ordinary happens. Alerts are immediately sent to the Sunflower app so the homeowner has a choice to either dismiss the alert of deploy the Sunflower Flying Camera. The drone then flies autonomously and tracks what is happening on or outside the property and sends back a live video feed.

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So, what does this mean to homeowners? It cuts back up to 90% all false alarms that normally are unidentifiable by traditional security systems, immediate alarms aren’t triggered to the police since the homeowner now has the choice of whether to alert the police or not, and the video live feed from the drone easily identifies what’s happening outside without the homeowner needing to step out of the house, a large safety factor considered. Interested homeowners can now reserve the Sunflower Home Awareness System at sunflower-labs.com. All shipments are to begin in early 2017. The system can be reserved for $25. The company plans to charge a monthly fee for its services rather than sell the hardware as a one-off.

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