Feel the Need to be Creative and a Cup of Coffee? Build...

Feel the Need to be Creative and a Cup of Coffee? Build a Coffee Maker from Lego Bricks that Really Dispenses Coffee

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Now here’s literally putting together two different worlds and concepts to create something new. On the one hand, Lego has been known to have evolved from its 1970’s toy bricks beginnings to its bricks now able to recreate almost anything from vehicles, aircraft, ships, and even whole landscapes. On the other hand, instant coffee machines are taking the Java industry by storm since now, people can just plunk coins in one of those machines to get that instant caffeine fix. The convenience beats trying to get coffee when the nearest coffee shop is several blocks away. Recently, a creative team from Astonishing Studios has come out with their own portable coffee maker constructed almost entirely from Lego bricks. This new creation, now being called the Lego Coffee Maker, clearly shows just how far a little toy building imagination can go.

lego-coffee-maker-300x247 Feel the Need to be Creative and a Cup of Coffee? Build a Coffee Maker from Lego Bricks that Really Dispenses Coffee
Image Source | Youtube.com

The Lego Coffee Maker’s exterior and most of its moving parts are comprised of Lego bricks. Naturally, Astonishing Studios had to depend and create their own DC motors and switches to power the intricately designed interior. What makes the coffee maker more interesting and nostalgic is that you need actual currency – just a single coin actually – to have a fresh and hot cup of coffee. After the coin is inserted the coffee maker’s interior sensors immediately begins preparing your coffee, though it won’t brew it like the actual machines. The machine dumps an instant coffee of choice – it can be anything, including Starbucks or Nescafe instant – into a cup underneath the device’s dispenser, funnels water from an interior water bottle into the cup, then lowers a heat coil into the coffee cup to heat up the liquid. Just like that, a fresh cup of instant coffee is ready for consumption. Unlike real coffee machines, the cup is not dispensed from the machine so it has to be placed manually underneath the dispenser.

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This is an astonishing engineering achievement even if it makes use of an already existing material like Lego bricks, and to think that it was toy to begin with. The Lego Coffee Maker will definitely light up both the kid and coffee lover in every adult. Come to think of it, instead of going down a floor or two in your building to a coffee vending machine, you can plunk this portable coffee maker on your table have your morning and afternoon Java kick without leaving your work. You can also bring it with you when you travel in your vehicle or when camping. Of course, it’s not brewed coffee since you’re using instant coffee refills, but coffee is coffee if you’re not that picky and all you’re after is the caffeine fix and to warm your soul while doing brain work for the office. And the waiting time for all this is only 45 seconds. Since it’s a miniature version, it only makes two full cups before you need to refill it, but, hey, that’s part of the Lego fun, isn’t it?

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