The U.S. Military Has a Highly Trained Force Capable of Capturing Any...

The U.S. Military Has a Highly Trained Force Capable of Capturing Any Airbase Around the World in 18 Hours

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What needs to be done by the US military if all bets are off and a major conflict suddenly flares up in any part of the world? Since their military needs to respond within hours, what do you think they need to do? Capture the enemy’s capital city? Do carpet bombing? Send in the aircraft carriers? Of course, the third one is the logical and usually common response of the US when it comes to responding to conflicts instigated by other nations. But there’s another viable option and just as logical and strategically sound, and this is to capture at least one of the enemy’s airbases and hold it as a forward staging area. The US military has formed what it calls the Global Response Force, a mixture of forces from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Brigade, Joint Special Operations Command, and the US Air Force. This GSF can respond by deploying anywhere on the planet in just 18 hours.

US-airforce-300x152 The U.S. Military Has a Highly Trained Force Capable of Capturing Any Airbase Around the World in 18 Hours
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Non-military pundits might think that 18 hours may be too long a response time (especially when they’re thinking about the Hillary Clinton fiasco in Benghazi for 13 hours), but there are a lot of factors to consider. Moving large numbers of soldiers, weapons, equipment, supplies, and fighting vehicles from one country to another can be a logistical nightmare unless done right. 18 hours is a fast response time compared to other allies like England, France, and Germany with response times of 20 hours. China and the Philippines have the worse global response times at 3 days. Thus, the US Global Response Force continuously trains hard to capture any potential enemy airfield using overwhelming force. The assault on the enemy’s airfield may start with a surprise airborne assault in order to get troops as near the airfield as possible. This tactic has always worked since it was first conceived in World War II with the creation of paratroopers. Today’s paratroopers can now be accompanied by a variation of light assault vehicles airdropped together with the paratroopers.

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All combat units within the GRF always carry their specialized infantry such as special sniper teams and medical response teams. The former blends into the landscape to provide support to the assault while the latter accompanies the assaulting forces to provide medical support to casualties. Once airborne forces have begun assaulting the airfield or engaging hostile forces, the air force delivers high-mobility artillery rocket systems to deliver devastating artillery rocket fire on to enemy positions. Of course, ground forces are supported by AH-64 Apache attack helicopters with their missiles and deadly 30mm guns. After the first wave secures the airfield and the airstrips are fully functional, heavy transport aircraft like the C-17 Globemaster III begin bringing in heavy fighting vehicles to reinforce the perimeters, such as Strykers, Bradley IFV’s, and the vaunted Abrams battle tanks. When completed, the whole operation secures the airfield as a forward operating base for US forces while the navy’s fleets are still steaming towards the conflict.

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