Take a Peek inside LinkedIn’s New York Office in the Empire State...

Take a Peek inside LinkedIn’s New York Office in the Empire State Building with All Its Great Perks like Free Gourmet Meals and Gadget Vending Machines

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LinkedIn is a social media network that many people take for granted since they’re more focused on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And yet 467 million people in over 200 countries use LinkedIn for professional and business connections and for job seekers to scout new opportunities. Last summer, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. So, what does this mean for the company’s 9,200 employees in a company whose net worth is around $23 billion? Let’s take a look at their Manhattan office in the iconic Empire State Building. LinkedIn’s headquarters is actually in Sunnyvale, California, but their New York City office houses more than 700 employees, one its 30 office locations all over the world. LinkedIn is located on the 25th floor so you need to use one of the iconic building’s also iconic Art Deco elevators. The office occupies 5 floors of the building, and has done so since they moved in back in 2011.

linkedin-ny-office-300x154 Take a Peek inside LinkedIn’s New York Office in the Empire State Building with All Its Great Perks like Free Gourmet Meals and Gadget Vending Machines
Image Source | YouTube.com

Its reception area is filled with colorful wall murals with books and a free coffee station. There is a company movie theater where employees can watch films or play video games. Regular video competitions take place among departments. What often catches the eye of visitors is the unique high-tech vending machines. Employees can access all sorts of work-related gadgets with their LinkedIn employee badge. The office kitchen and cafeteria offers free catered breakfast and lunch to LinkedIn employees. There are also spontaneous treats like pop-up poke bars and cookie decorating stations. Each month departments hold what is called an “In Day,” a monthly event where employees have a chance to participate in different activities and team-building exercises such as intense table and board games. The In Days are meant to provide employees the chance to give pause and step away from their desk jobs and come back to reality. Sometimes an In Day can involve activities using a 3D space Tilt Brush Headset so painters can paint in virtual reality.

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Other cool perks around the office include a pool table, foosball tables, and a karaoke machine. According to workplace manager Katie Campofelice, karaoke battles between different LinkedIn offices done over video chats are really very competitive. But it’s a great way to foster relationships between employees and different departments for a more collaborative environment. In the reception area of the company’s 28th floor, LinkedIn’s principles are painted clearly on the wall: Transformation Results Humor Integrity Collaboration. Their conference rooms on each floor are named from different themes like New York City street names and former SNL cast members. The main working office area features an open layout without the boring cubicles. The work space is malleable and features panels that employees can slide and adjust. Employees are allowed to move from their desks to any spot in the office where they can continue working such as coaches, living rooms, and lounge areas. They can also work in the quiet company library where the shelves have been filled with books brought by the employees themselves.

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