Xiaomi: Considered as China’s “Apple,” Just Created a New Design that Will...

Xiaomi: Considered as China’s “Apple,” Just Created a New Design that Will Revolutionize Smartphones for the Next Decade

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Who says that only Apple and Google are quivering with happiness over the troubles of Samsung? You can’t be too smug and confident when a sudden new tech giant player gives you a serious run for your money. And when that player is Xiaomi, considered as the “Apple” of China, you can bet that Apple and Google gets their smug wiped from their face. Xiaomi is all set to introduce their new Mi Mix smartphone with its new and revolutionary design unseen yet in the tech gadget world. This new design is a borderless display. The Xiaomi Mi Mix was originally shown only as a concept idea phone, but since it garnered a huge market interest and positive praises for its new design, the Chinese tech giant decided to manufacture and market it to the public. Upon a very close scrutiny of the Mi Mix, one can see that the phone is not totally borderless. However, compared to even the top brands in the market today (cue in Apple and Google’s Pixel), the borderless concept has an aspect ratio display space of up to 91.3% or an almost all-screen display.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-300x200 Xiaomi: Considered as China’s “Apple,” Just Created a New Design that Will Revolutionize Smartphones for the Next Decade
Image Source | Wikimedia Commons

Compared also to other top brands, the Mi Mix is quite thin. The 6.4 inch display is complemented with a 2040×1080 pixel display. It is also framed by thin but very sturdy bezels that make the Xiaomi phone look sleek and elegant. Whether its thinness will pose a problem for users of the gadget who frequently travel is yet to be seen. Xiaomi has assured the public that in spite of the thinness, the smartphone has not compromised its sturdiness. Again this will be seen in the near future when the phone is accidentally dropped by users. In terms of functionality, the Xiaomi Mi Mix is the first gadget in the tech giant’s product lineup without any visible physical buttons. The proximity sensor and the earpiece are also strategically placed to incorporate the smooth and sleek look that the Mi Mix is aiming for. This is how the phone wants to be known. The rest of the smartphone’s body is made up of ceramic.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix runs on the Snapdragon 821. The main camera shoots at 16 megapixels, something that fans of cameras will love and give something for Google and Apple to pause at. However, the front of selfie camera shoots at only 5 megapixels, something of a disappointment, and brings to wonder why the company didn’t invest in a better front camera. The battery is powered with 4,400 mAh, which means it can run for a full day on a single charge. It will be priced at $515, though there is yet to be an announcement if the phone will be sold outside of China. The one drawback to this revolutionary new design is that it may be difficult for any protector to wrap around the phone lest it covers part of the screen. Also, holding the phone will take some adjustment in order to have a comfortable holding position and still see the whole screen view.

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