LG’s New 5K Display Works So Well and is a Perfect Match...

LG’s New 5K Display Works So Well and is a Perfect Match for Apple’s New MacBook Pros Here’s Why

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In one of technology’s rare team ups, Apple has worked with LG to make a special display specifically made for the MacBook Pros. Everyone knows that computer monitors are usually built as generic displays screens for any computer and device. But LG’s new Ultra-Fine Displays aren’t your run of the mill type of display screens, and this can be seen it its price range from $700 to $1,300. Probably the biggest plus with the LG Ultra-Fine Display is that they can simultaneously charge the new MacBook Pros with only one cable while transmitting video and audio. That means only one cable to power and connect your MacBook Pro to the LG monitor, and using only one USB-C port, leaving three other ports for other uses. However, the LG Ultra-Fine Displays requires the Thunderbolt 3.0 to use the USB-C port. That means only the new Apple MacBook Pros will be compatible with the new LG monitors. Older MacBooks and the new 12-inch MacBooks do not support the Thunderbolt 3.0.

lg-5k-display-300x200 LG’s New 5K Display Works So Well and is a Perfect Match for Apple’s New MacBook Pros Here’s Why
Image Source | Flickr.com

All the LG monitor’s USB-C ports are pretty standard so this means you can connect other peripherals and accessories to it like hard drives and adapters. And not just acting like a simple docking station, this LG monitor happens to sport a 4K or 5K resolution screen. Now, how many display monitors can boast of this. And of course we all know that other monitors can only dock with other laptops only as a display screen and nothing else. AND talking of display screens, that 4K and 5K resolution means providing seven and more times the number of pixels than a 1080p HD display. Think of how detailed things will look when doing photo or video editing work since this is what the Macs are well known for.

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Look at it from the editor’s point of view. With editing apps like Final Cut Pro, you have a preview window with the video you’re editing, and you also have all the editing tools around the preview window. If you shoot and edit video in 4K, a 5K display lets you see that 4K video in the preview window in full 4K resolution, leaving an extra “K” of pixels for the surrounding editing tools. So, with that in mind, can you imagine how you can view things when using your computer and display screen for social media, internet browsing, or just watching movies? In fact, anything you do on the 4K or 5K displays will really stand out. Of course, if you’re a photo or video editor, they will find the 5K display’s Ultra-Fine pretty nifty. Can you also imagine what this combination does if you’re an electronic dance DJ? Renowned DJ’s are known to use MacBook Pros for DJ music mixing because of the ultra-powerful Apple OS and its apps.

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