Some of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix for Halloween

Some of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix for Halloween

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If you’re subscribed to Netflix, then it’s time to check out these scary movies all lined just in time for the Halloween days. Actually there are so many to choose from so we just outlined some of the really good ones.

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So if you’re the type who’d much rather stay home and go on a scary movie marathon instead of putting up with those annual company Halloween parties or noisy bar raves, bring on the popcorn and let the goriness and screaming begin.

The Babadook

This is considered one of 2014’s top acclaimed and better cult horror movies in recent years, boasting a whopping 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes for good reason. This modern-day bogeyman tale about a children’s story that becomes all too real will change the way you regard “children’s” tales. And be prepared for innocuous things jumping around.

Dead Snow

For something different try some Nazi Zombies. It’s a Norwegian film so you can feel sophisticated watching a foreign film. And scary movies always have absurd premises, this one included, so just sit back and relax and get scared.


Another scary Norwegian film that proves Scandinavians rock at the dark side of human nature. This is a Blair Witch-type found footage that features trolls instead of witches and a lot of Norwegian fjords. Simultaneously scenic, spooky, funny, and original, it would give your Halloween the same amount of thrills with a unique spin.

Sleepy Hollow

Before Johnny Depp’s reputation took a dive recently, Sleepy Hollow remains one of the best of the Depp and Tim Burton collaborations. Weird, magical, and really scary, with Burton’s typical gloomy yet bright color palate, it’s the definitive update on the Sleepy Hollow tale. Other Sleepy Hollow has-beens and should-have-been flicks have nothing on this one.

The Amityville Horror

Despite what film critics say about this one (remember that cult movies usually have low ratings), this 2005 remake of the 1979 classic is far better and scarier, helped in part by the best acting in the unlikely horror leading man of Ryan Reynolds. It delivers genuine thrills, and one of the best performances of Reynolds. So forget you even saw him on Deadpool.

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The Uninvited

Critics are always underrating Emily Browning, but this is one of her best performances ever. This film is really a jumble of horror tropes: A naive heroine recently released from an asylum, an evil stepmother character (or at least father’s girlfriend); an unreliable narrator with a jumbled memory. It’s worth watching for its eerie circular plot and strong performances even from the supporting cast.

Children of the Corn

Almost all horror movies you have seen featuring creepy children (The Ring), creepy small towns (Silent Hill), or a bickering couple entering a creepy space (Vacancy) is a derivative of Children of the Corn. It naturally began as a Stephen King novel so you know how scary his books can get. Watch this original which is far better than the derivatives that follow after this.


So, there you have it, and if you want even more, check out these just as scary runner-ups for more additional scares and screams.

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