Take a Peak Inside the Luxury Cinema Theater Chain That’s Taking Over...

Take a Peak Inside the Luxury Cinema Theater Chain That’s Taking Over the Country

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Back then, Tim and Karrie League had a dream to make a movie theater a sort of oasis for movie lovers and revolutionize the movie experience away from the traditional, “going to the theater, watching, and leave” experience. In 1997, the League’s opened the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas. The success of their dreams of a movie theater with food and drink service led to 25 more cinema theaters all over the U.S. Last Friday, it opened its new movie theater in New York City with the opening of Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn Cinema. Alamo Drafthouse is now considered as the best movie theater not only in the U.S. but also in the whole world.  Each Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is constructed to mimic or echo the location it is in based on movies for that location. For instance, the Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn will feature the familiar carpet design from “The Shining” that is really familiar with Stanley Kubrick fans. There is also a “King Kong” photo setup complete with an impression of the top of the Empire State Building (complete with damsel in distress) with a background of 1930’s New York and flying double-wing fighter planes so you can do your best King Kong movie impression.

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Aside from its regular toilets, it also has a gender-neutral toilet. This is a move in all Alamo Cinemas in the wake of the North Carolina toilet controversy. And to really see how different Alamo Cinemas are, each theater has a bar at the end of the hall. The one in Brooklyn is called “House of Wax.” You can go to the bar before or after a movie, or even if you’re not in the mood for a movie. The bar exhibits a curated selection of rare German wax sculptures that feature a variety of characters, human oddities, animal attractions, and death masks. It is originally from a rare 1870 collection and even includes Napoleon Bonaparte’s death mask. The House of Wax will serve 100 percent local New York State draft beers. This is a selection of around 40 brands including Interboro, Transmitter, Threes, Other Half, and Brooklyn. It will also serve a mostly local selection of wine and liquor by the glass and by the bottle as well as a uniquely themed menu of craft cocktails.

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The bar will feature occasional live performances as well as regular staples such as dedicated trivia nights, geek nights, and karaoke nights. And if you’re drinking before a movie, you’re allowed to walk and bring your drink to the theater. Part of the hallway displays rare Turkish movie posters and vinyl movie soundtrack covers. Inside the theaters, chairs are more comfortable than any found at the multiplex and every two seats has a table where you can place your beer or drinks on. Each table has a menu, order card, and pencil. You can just write up your order and the staff will do the rest. Every Alamo Cinema has a large and customized kitchen where almost all items on the menu are made from scratch. Of course, for the traditional movie goer, there’s lots of popcorn around. Movies to be shown in Alamo Cinemas will range from the usual big budget movies (including 3D, independent films, and unique cult movies.

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