The Scariest Games to Play for a Perfectly Spooky Halloween

The Scariest Games to Play for a Perfectly Spooky Halloween

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Planning to do a Halloween movie marathon for the end of the month? Horrors, that is such a 1980’s or 90’s concept. Watching a movie is basically just a passive pursuit. Sure, you might get scared every now and then, but nothing beats playing a scary game because being in the so-called ‘driver’s seat’ is more terrifying and provides a sense of real terror immersion since you’re experiencing the horror as if you’re really there.

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So, in the spirit of the holidays, er, the Halloween holidays that is, we’ve picked the scariest horror games that have come out in the last few years, they’re really gems.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Many games have tried to do what Amnesia did when it was first released since this game became the first of its kind for unarmed first-person exploration games. This game was the first to introduce such classics now as hiding in cupboards, a fear meter, having to physically “push” and “pull” doors open and closed, generally making the game bloody scary. The game is set in 1839, and you play the character of Daniel. You awaken in a castle with little memory of yourself and where you are. Then you realize you are being hunted and you must descend into the depths of the castle to finish what you’ve started. A spooky setting and otherworldly threat all make for a chilling experience.

Until Dawn

This was one of 2015’s best games. The plot gives you control of 8 characters taken right out of the post-Scream survival horror movies of the 2000’s. These walking clichés are trapped in a remote mountain retreat, where something terrible happened a year ago. As a player, your actions will have consequences, thanks to the “Butterfly Effect” in which snap decisions you make under pressure will determine the fate of the flawed characters. The game isn’t even about saving everyone; it’s about the unfolding narrative, plot twists, and owning the consequences of your actions.

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Alien: Isolation

The creators of this popular sci-fi horror game based on the movie made sure that the atmospheric effects like lighting, refraction, and the behavioral design of the Xenomorph matched Ridley Scott’s 1970’s vision as closely as possible. There’s even a generous helping of faux film grain enabled by default. The game takes place aboard a decommissioned space station known as the Sevastopol. Conditions have deteriorated, the remaining inhabitants are fighting among themselves, and to top it off there’s a deadly killer on the loose. A survival horror mix of stealth, exploration, limited combat, and plenty of “run for it!” moments, will keep you on your feet.

Metro Redux

This game bundle contains remastered versions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. This Redux bundle is a great way to experience first-person shooter games. The game is based on a series of novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky and set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Moscow that has been devastated by nuclear war. In 2033, the remaining population has holed up in the city’s extensive underground rail network. This provides some shelter from the lethal levels of radiation. You take on the role of Artyom, a 20-year-old survivor born before the nuclear war. You have enlist the help of others living within the system to fight a mysterious mutated enemy known as the Dark Ones. Metro conjures up a brutal environment that’s as unnerving as it is dangerous, hostile radiation-affected enemies, and a fear of the unknown around almost every corner.

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