Cool Tech Items Available Soon: Drone Claws, Cube Projectors, and Digital Butlers

Cool Tech Items Available Soon: Drone Claws, Cube Projectors, and Digital Butlers


Take a gander through Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you’ll find literally hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns just waiting for, well, funding. Unfortunately, most of these projects are pretty much stupid, weird, and just downright useless. But there are a few gems around found with the crowd of ripoffs and it is these gems worth mentioning that have a real future to improve the daily lives of humans. And so, we present to you three of these ‘tech gems’ we feel are really worth mentioning.

XGIMI – H1 Cube Home Theater

Home theater systems nowadays can really be pricey, take up a lot of room space, and not to mention a lot of time to set up with all those wires and stuff. There’s a new product out that brings in everything in one package, or cube. The H1 compact cube created by XGIMI is an all-in-one home theater system is a compact cube that combines surround-sound speakers, projector, and Android operating system.

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The H1 is less than five pounds and can project 1080p or 4K resolution on a 300-inch screen. The cube already contains 45mm stereo speakers for better sound surround either from movies, videos, or music. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote. It will only cost around $649, a far cry from the average home theater price of $2,000 – $3,000 or more.

DRVE GmbH – L.U.C.Y. Digital Butler

While flying cars and going to Mars may still take decades to achieve, robot butlers may already be just around the corner. Well, this one may not be a physical robot, but it’s a digital butler version housed in a giant touchscreen called L.U.C.Y. created by DRVE GmbH.

Yes, it’s a giant touchscreen so it’s not an intrusion and a robot you might bump into around the house. Imagine hanging your tablet on the wall. L.U.C.Y. only requires electricity and Wi-Fi to run and it’s mounted on a wall like an unobtrusive wall mirror. The device responds to verbal commands and questions, and will also interact using the touchscreen. It also carries out various tasks like making your daily schedule, scheduling your dental appointment, messaging a friend, or playing your favorite album. And since it’s a flat screen on the wall, you won’t have to worry about this android overthrowing the human race.

Ben Kardoosh – Mantis Carbon Drone Claw

If you’re already operating those large drones for aerial photography or topographical surveillance, this could be the next best thing you attach to your drone. This new Mantis Carbon Drone Claw can attach to different drone models and turn your drone into a flying claw that can move light stuff around or pick them up. The carbon-fiber claws are very light at only a third of a pound and yet can lift and support up to 2.2 pounds. The device is modular so users can customize to use five or just three claws. It easily disassembles for easy transport.

Thankfully, while there are inventors stupidly tinkering with how to fly cars or creating robot nannies, there are still inventors out there who knows how to make products and stuff that can really improve human life. Let’s hope there’s more where they came from.





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