Apple Leak Reveals: Its Next 3 iPhone 8 Models will be ‘All...

Apple Leak Reveals: Its Next 3 iPhone 8 Models will be ‘All Glass’

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Apple and its iPhone line have always been controversial for its lack of controversy. That’s right, and that’s because it can lay claim as the top honcho in the smartphone market, and rightfully so. The only controversy that ever befalls iPhone models is that every new model that comes out has a hard time overcoming the already perfect features of the model it precedes. But this time, it seems that Apple may finally outdo even itself. According to the reliable Japanese tech site Nikkei, Apple is using Foxconn to develop an ‘all glass’ iPhone chassis, a complete radical redesign of the Apple line to date. However, with the release of the iPhone 7 last September, the new all glass iPhone 8 may not come out until the last quarter of 2017. Nikkei further added in its website that, according to its source, Foxconn has been attempting to develop an all-glass chassis for Apple since last year. It’s Foxconn’s strategic move to solidify its position as Apple’s only iPhone supplier and developer.

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Of course, the obvious question begs itself to be asked, in that, what makes an all-glass so special and is it better than an aluminum-backed smart phone? The answer is also pretty obvious when Apple says ‘all glass’ it does mean all glass. The front, rear, and sides of the smartphone are all glass. This answers critical pundits who might start saying, “so what else is new?” since the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are only glass-backed. The same goes with the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. Of course, and as expected, some so-called ‘smartphone experts’ may call this move “unnecessary science fiction” since “the only true smartphone is a metal one.” But so far, according to the source, Nikkei, there are still no details on how Apple and Foxconn will fully develop an all glass chassis with working parts inside without shattering the smartphone into pieces, given also the fact of the need to have jacks for the charger and headphones, unless Apple goes jack less or wireless with these new models.

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But, according to Apple’s top brass, they will be using “advanced processing technology” with the glass chassis reinforced by a metal frame. They are also developing wireless charging technology while improving their wireless technology for its headphones. In addition to this, Apple is looking into removing its internal antenna lines since signals easily pass through glass. According to other speculative inside sources, this is probably Apple’s move to mark its 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, its most successful product line to date. There also whispers about the iPhone 8 having some sort of “edge display,” whatever that means. But some are simply saying that with the success of Apple’s iPhone 7 sales so far, this is the phone manufacturer’s way of rubbing salt into the wounds of a mortally wounded Samsung company. So, what do you think, would you care to handle an ‘all glass’ smartphone?

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