5 New High Tech Showerheads Makes Bath Time a Better Experience

5 New High Tech Showerheads Makes Bath Time a Better Experience

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The last thing you would probably think of that technology could reach is your shower head. After all, all it does is to spread out the water that comes out. But today’s technology has a way to reach even the minutest objects.

After all, if they can invent nano particles, a shower head should be peanuts for a technologist. The showerheads listed below have been greatly improved upon by technology so they do more than just deliver sizzling water. They’re pretty cool if you also have the pretty cool cash to spend for them.


Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead ($140)

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Ever notice how good your voice sounds in the shower? Imagine what actual music or whatever you play sounds like under the water? The Kohler Moxie provides music, news, audiobooks, and virtually anything you play in the shower. The speaker can play anything using Bluetooth and streams content good up to 35 feet away. This means your smartphone won’t get wet. The speaker is easy to remove for recharging, but a full charge can last up to 7 hours on the battery, so you might only need to recharge about once a week.


Delta Faucet Temp 2O ($55)


It is a bit hard to find the right temperature by just turning the shower knob. With this specialized showerhead, you’ll know exactly how hot the water is. It displays different colors that represent certain temperature categories. A blue LED lights up when the water is below 26º Celsius. A warm magenta means between 27º to 43º Celsius. Red means the water is 43º or hotter.


Culligan Filtered Showerhead ($30)

This showerhead is a low-budget option for those concerned about what’s in the water even if they’re not drinking it. The head virtually filters the water and turns it into purified shower water and also allows you to scroll through 5 different pressure settings. This includes a concentrated full-body spray or a more massage-like pressure. The filter is able to reduce 99% of the chlorine, since chlorine can dry out skin and hair. This showerhead may not sound as exciting, but it is certainly great for your more bouncy hair and for better skin.


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High Sierra High Efficiency Showerhead

You can truly save on your water bill with this showerhead. This one contains high-pressure options that will definitely conserve water, providing each shower a mere 1.5 gallons of water a minute. Compare this with old-school showerheads that can use as much as 5 gallons per minute. This one makes full use of the 1.5 gallons with decent water pressure during the shower. This product will help drop your water bill by up to $50 per year, per person, and can save 1,700 gallons of water compared to other showerheads.


DreamSpa Color Changing Showerhead

This color changing showerhead has color indicators that are more precise in showing you water temperature. A blue light shows water less than 35º Celsius, a green light when the water is at 42º, and a red light when the water is between 43º and 50º. The red light will flash continuously if the temperature goes any higher, you don’t need to stick your hand under the water to see if it’s boiling hot or not.


Now that there are specialized showerheads, perhaps someone can come up with specialized faucets. Try to imagine mini-speakers in your faucet.

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