The Ecomo Water Bottle – Newest Invention that Examines Water then Cleanses...

The Ecomo Water Bottle – Newest Invention that Examines Water then Cleanses It


Homeowners now all over the country would love to find out just what is lurking in their tap water, whether it is really clean and safe, given the recent events in Flint, Michigan. Now, the new Ecomo Water Bottle with a quality tester and purifier built directly into the bottle itself, is the portable and practical way to check out any water source for contaminants. The Ecomo Water Bottle can quickly alert the user if the water is contaminated with minerals, lead, dissolved minerals, heavy metals, and many others. It also connects to a smartphone application using Bluetooth. The user simply fills the bottle with water and shakes it to start the quality testing by transferring the contents into the tester. The bottle tester then shows all results either on the bottle’s LED display or on the application.

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Water testing of any water source is now important, especially if the water is for consumption, since so-called “safe” water may contain substances like pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers that could not be filtered out from the water source. In fact, almost 20% of the drinking water supply in the United States has some violations of the Safe Water Drinking Act. After testing the water in the Ecomo, you can now filter it for drinking with just a twist. The bottle’s 3-in-1 filtration system contains an activated carbon fiber, ion exchange fiber, and a nano-fiber membrane. With this technology the bottle can remove most major contaminants including most heavy metals, bacteria, petroleum products, and pesticides. And aside from testing and filtering your water, the Ecomo can also set up users to set up personalized hydration goals and remind them to drink water on specific times of the day. Again using the smartphone application connected to the bottle, it can also keep track of the amount of water consumed each day and can even connect and sync with most fitness trackers.

The Ecomo Water Bottle will be available in different colors of gold, silver, black, blue, and many others. The bottle figures to retail at around $129 if buyers take advantage of the pre-order campaign on Kickstarter. However, even if pre-ordering, customers will have to wait a little bit longer as orders are not expected to begin shipping until around March 2017. So far anyone can sign up for just the updates through its official website as the company prepares to launch on Kickstarter starting next week. Unlike other water testers and filters that are either too expensive or not that mobile, the Ecomo could be a game changer not just for scientists and researchers but also for the regular homeowners who need to test their tap water or for campers, hikers, and even for soldiers. And its affordable price makes it accessible to everyone.


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