Take A Tour Around the World’s Most Visually-Appealing Schools

Take A Tour Around the World’s Most Visually-Appealing Schools


Learning that must be stimulating, invigorating, and engaging isn’t just limited to the classroom. The school’s outside design and environment also plays a role in the learning process of the students. Certainly, beautiful school buildings will turn out to be awe-inspiring.

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Whether choosing an elementary school, high school, or college for your kids, the campus setting will always play a role because it has been proven statistically those students who graduate from beautiful campuses have a higher overall satisfaction with their schooling experience. Here are just a few chosen campuses all over the world that are pretty and somewhat unique.

University of Notre Dame – Indiana, USA

The campus is quite beautiful; the statue of the Virgin Mary can be seen blessing the Grotto, and was built in 1896 as a replica of the original in Lourdes, France. The 1,250 acre campus is divided into the “Old Campus” area and new. Old Campus is now controlled by the two seminaries connected through the Catholic church, the Congregation of Holy Cross and current Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The famous Golden Dome sits atop the main building.

OA Kindergarten – Saitama, Japan

The school was constructed to be nearly earthquake proof, being made almost entirely of shipping containers to make the school as stable as possible. Inside the school you would never know that shipping containers were used since the interior is beautifully filled with pale wood and light-filled spaces for plenty of room for the kids to play around.

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School – Niddrie, Australia

The interior and ceiling of the whole school uses a jester-like color scheme. The sloping walls give the buildings a playful feel. The overall vibrant colors and fluid building lines create a rich visual experience. Adding to the beauty of the school is the fact that the school’s population is an all-female student body, something very rare these days in a CO-ED environment.

Ivy Bound International School – Bangkok, Thailand

This school in Bangkok looks more like a mansion than a school where Thai children can learn fully about Thai culture.

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Fuji Kindergarten – Tachikawa, Japan

The original designers of the school, Tezuka architects, wanted to give the children the freedom to explore their surroundings and appreciate the beauty of nature. Thus, students can run around on the roof or climb the trees on the rooftops to their hearts’ content. The space also weaves nature into its design. Classrooms contain real trees that extend through the boardwalks above leading to the roof.

Nanyang Technological University – Singapore

One of Asia’s top five universities has mastered its designs to make the university one large green architectural wonder, from its rooftop gardens to its tiered interiors filled with plants to its tree lined walkways.

Toho Gakuen School of Music – Tokyo, Japan

This school won the 2015 World Architectural Festival award for Higher Education and Research. The school serves a variety of ages from middle school to advanced master’s candidates. The music school makes full use of glass walls and long lines to create a feeling of depth.

Duke University – Durham, North Carolina, USA

The 8,600 acre campus features highlights like the Duke Chapel and the Perkins Library. Nearly every building on the west side of campus was constructed in the Collegiate Gothic architectural style. Some of the east side campus buildings, including several dormitories, have been designed Georgian-style, including the famous Baldwin Auditorium. Duke Forest is a 700 acre-wood containing a variety of trees and is an active area for science research.


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