New Trailer for Star Wars Game: The Old Republic Has Just Been...

New Trailer for Star Wars Game: The Old Republic Has Just Been Released and the Internet Has Gone Crazy Over It

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It’s not an upcoming Star Wars movie, but the new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s upcoming expansion “Knights of the Eternal Throne” is stunningly cinematic nonetheless. It’s even being touted as far better than Star Wars Episode VII in terms or storyline (we leave that up to you to judge). The sixth expansion pack since the BioWare/EA (Electronic Arts) video game debuted in late 2011 will be available for download starting December 2 of this year. This particular expansion sees the player’s veteran Outlander facing off against such powerful entities as Emperor Valkorion and Empress Vaylin, which get stellar turns in a newly released trailer for the MMORPG’s add-on. Oh, and, yes, the download will be FREE so no need to worry about anything else unless you’re internet connection is as slow as in the Philippines or Afghanistan.

star-wars-300x169 New Trailer for Star Wars Game: The Old Republic Has Just Been Released and the Internet Has Gone Crazy Over It
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For the novice and beginners, Star Wars: The Old Republic is an award-winning BioWare Online RPG (role playing game) set thousands of years before the classic Star Wars movies. In it, players team up with friends or virtually anyone online to fight in battles between the Republic and Empire, exploring a galaxy of vibrant planets and experiencing out of this world and acrobatic Star Wars combat and fighting. And while this new trailer looks and feels like the start of what could be an amazing feature film franchise, it’s squarely in the Star Wars Legends camp, so we doubt if anyone would even dare touch it for future film ideas and material. But ultimately, you get to face off against the galaxy’s most ruthless and evil Sith family, and ultimately decide who gets to keep ruling the universe, the light side or the dark side.

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The CGI trailer shows a young girl with Jedi aspirations. She is strong with the force, but struggles to control it, and her mother wants to suppress her gifts in fear of being seduced into the dark side and become evil. In the end, the young girl does get drafted into the Sith’s evil service and ultimately betrays her mother. Oops, spoiler alert, but too late. But really, you need to see the trailer to appreciate it.  It’s a really marvelous trailer, but the point of it is to promote the upcoming Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Unfortunately for the expansion, some are saying that there’s no way it can live up to its trailer. Luckily for subscribers, the new expansion is all free when it launches this December, so you’ll be able to find out for nothing. And for many who have already viewed the full cinematic game movie that goes with the expansion, it’s even more exciting and stunning than the trailer, and will answer a lot of questions from the trailer. It will also entice newbies to try out the whole game with all its expansions. May the Force be with you!

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