New Drone Update: DJI Mavic Pro Folds Up Easily and Can Take...

New Drone Update: DJI Mavic Pro Folds Up Easily and Can Take Footages Clearly

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There’s a new drone in the sky and it’s been launched by DJI. This is the new Mavic Pro quadcopter drone and it’s coming on the heels of the launching of the GoPro Karma drone after only a week. The DJI Mavi Pro easily folds up and is portable so it can fit into any small bag and can even be flown without the usual external controls. Instead, the drone can be controlled from a smartphone and still without making sacrifices on any of its pro-like features that come with its other flagship products. Like its big brother, the DJI Phantom 4, the Mavic Pro’s camera has the same size sensor and will capture pictures or videos in 4K. The drone can fly for approximately 27 minutes with a top speed of 40 MPH. It comes with an optional lightweight controller that can also connect to your phone should you want to shift between devices. And since we’re on the subject of the camera, the DJI Mavi Pro’s flight and camera was tested by photographer and videographer Michael Shainblum.

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He then released the results of the 100 percent unedited 4K test footage. At first glance the pictures were truly gorgeous, but upon comparison with the Phantom 4 camera and GoPro Hero camera, something wasn’t right. It turns out that there was a technical glitch with the camera, and Michael admitted that it was his fault. The mistake became apparent when camera footages were compared between the three drone cameras and the DJI techs were baffled at first with the Mavic Pro camera’s somewhat blurry pictures. Michael apparently didn’t focus the Mavic properly, using specs from the Phantom 4 that was completely different. Some of the pictures also turned out to be kind of soft.

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When the tap to focus on the Mavic Pro’s controller and on the smartphone app were corrected, along with the camera itself, a second test flight turned out really sharp and beautiful images, sealing the deal with the Mavic as a truly worthy following to the Phantom, and a worthy opponent to GoPro. Some netizens who previously reacted negatively to the previous comparisons turned out to be doing so prematurely. The Mavic Pro will be launching at $999 with the controller, or $749 without. The price is the same as with the GoPro Karma, so expect a really fierce fight for aerial drone supremacy that will surely be hotly contested. With the proven success of GoPro and DJI with photographic drones, the stage has been set to open the floodgates to other potential drone manufacturers. We do caution that an obvious player in the near future could be Chinese companies, and we do know the realistic quality of anything “made in China” and drones are no exception.

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