Must-Have Gadgets Below $60 that Can Help Save Kitchen Space

Must-Have Gadgets Below $60 that Can Help Save Kitchen Space

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If you live in a small house or apartment, a tiny kitchen space may seem frustrating. When your kitchen counter is cluttered with the microwave, the toaster oven, the coffee pot, various pots and pans and utensils, and other bric-a-brac, one can feel overwhelmed in finding space for cutting and cooking. Well, there’s good news and hope because any tiny kitchen can have unique kitchen gadgets that makes any small space less cluttered, plus the fact that the price won’t go beyond 60 smackers.

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All-in-one Kitchen Tool by Bin Akebono

For cooks with truly limited space, this multi-purpose kitchen tool is a dream come true. The whole set includes a funnel, lemon juicer, spice grater, egg masher, cheese grater, lid grip for loosening stubborn jar tops, egg separator and a 1 1/4 measuring cup. Only $40 at

Nest 9 Measuring Cups

This is an all-inclusive nested set that includes large and small nonslip mixing bowls, a colander, stainless-steel sieve or strainer and five measuring cups. Only $50 from Bill Holding and Ben Cox,

Ikea Wire Kitchen Basket

Wire baskets for the kitchen will always prove versatile. Simply mount them on the wall and they can hold pots, kitchen tools, utensils, spices, or anything else you want to keep at arm’s reach like your cook books. Only $10 from Ikea on

Adjustable Cooling Rack

If you have a very small counter space, you’ll be challenged in finding enough room when you’re preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner or when you have a lot of kids in for the monthly cookie swap. This gadget gives you plenty of rack space, and can be used for anything from homemade pasta to bread. And the fact that it collapses for easy storage when not in use makes it a must-have for small kitchens. Only $20, Linden Sweden,

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Small Wonder Three-in-one Pocket Grater

This compact and portable tool includes three surfaces for grating such as superfine for citrus and spices, coarse for vegetables, and soft cheeses and starburst for hard cheeses and chocolate. Only 10 from Cuisipro at

Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

If you’re really lacking counter space, this over-the-sink cutting board instantly becomes the perfect surface for chopping, dicing and slicing. The collapsible colander comes in handy too, as you can easily rinse foods with the same tool. Only $40 at

Collapsible Tea Kettle

Now here’s a tea kettle that would have made any wizard at Hogwarts proud. If even your stovetop space is quite limited, consider this collapsible tea kettle. This silicone and stainless steel jug is also great for traveling or camping. Since it comes in a really great color, you might want to leave it out on display in the kitchen, if there’s still space. Only $30, Better Houseware,

Cut It Out Index Advance Chopping Board Set

Each of these colored chopping boards has a tab to designate it for different types of food for chopping or cutting. The best thing is that they all slide right into their stylish and sleek storage case when not in use. Only $60 at

There are literally thousands of kitchen saving tools, utensils, and appliances around the internet that are either under $60 or under $100, so all you need is to take your pick. As we said earlier, a small kitchen is no excuse not to be cooking.

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