All You Need is a Screwdriver to Build This Lego-style House

All You Need is a Screwdriver to Build This Lego-style House


You’ve probably seen on news features about the cheap houses that can be built using discarded soda cans or discarded soda plastic bottles. And while you’re busy figuring out things about fire safety and internal climate control, a French design studio has already created the first ever Pop Up House or custom made home building system that only uses prefabricated treated lumber, insulation blocks, wood screws, and a power screwdriver. Yes, that’s it. Basically, if you can put together an Ikea bookcase, then you’ll only need a power screwdriver to build a whole house. Can you imagine no power tools needed? The French studio called MultiPod Studio simplified building a home by using the concept from Ikea when it comes to construction: no nails, no hammers, and no saws required because all you need is a screwdriver.

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To explain the process in its simplest form, all of the materials are shipped to you ready to be assembled, and this includes all lumber and insulation blocks that are prefabricated and pretreated. Since everything is prefabricated, everything is held together by screws. The best part is how fast you can assemble the home. The whole house can be finished in just one or two months depending on how fast you can go (it’s faster if there are more people) while the frame takes only one week. The Pop Up House is definitely customizable, depending on the designs available, such as a cozy country lodge, an urban two-story house, or a spacious open office, according to Corentin Thiercelin, co-founder of MultiPod Studio. The first Pop up House was constructed in L’Armentera, Catalonia, Spain. Many are starting to call this French architectural wonder a “Lego-style house” even in its prototype stage.

Although an average customizable home like this may only take around 2-3 weeks to build, to be more realistic – based on U.S. standards for housing regulations – the whole process of ordering and building may take up to four months. This is still better than the standard home that takes around 6-7 months to build. The Pop Up House measures on average around 1,660 square feet and all its wooden panels and insulation blocks are made from recyclable materials. The home features a master bedroom, two smaller bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a garage, and a storage room. The total cost will average between $1,477 and $2,272. You can save more if you have top DIY skills and finish the inside of the house yourself rather than hiring a finishing carpenter. So before you think of selling your carpenter’s tool kit, don’t just yet. It still comes in handy for the inside. So far, the Pop Up House is currently available in France only. The French studio does have plans to eventually expand to England and the continental U.S. This will definitely spell good news to Americans for rebuilding projects in areas hard hit by hurricanes and floods.

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