Make Cooking Easy and Enjoyable With the Help of HelloEgg Kitchen Companion

Make Cooking Easy and Enjoyable With the Help of HelloEgg Kitchen Companion


Now here’s an egg that won’t break, is smarter than the average egghead (far away smarter, mind you), and something you won’t mind leaving on your counter top. HelloEgg is the first ever smart kitchen assistant that uses both artificial intelligence (AI) and a human touch. It is an 8-inch high sleek egg-shaped gadget that facilitates and assists the user’s kitchen experience. It is voice operated. HelloEgg includes a small display where you can view instructional videos or how-to instructionals to cook more sophisticated meals. The AI device even controls your cooking timers and also makes Skype video calls for direct instructionals from other chefs or your mother or aunt living in another state. The AI device also interacts with you like a living, talking creature. It can be expressive when it interacts: it turns to you when addressed and gives you different kinds of looks and winks. It can be joyful, silly, sad or perplexed depending on the subject of a conversation you engage it with.

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HelloEgg is comprehensive you can address it using casual and everyday language so there is no need to browse through multiple layers of complex interface. As an assistant it’s more useful than just bringing your tablet to the kitchen and continuously scanning it or turning the pages while you’re cooking, something that can be annoying if your hands are tied up or smeared with flour or other stuff. For instance, when it’s time to cook lunch but you’re puzzled what to cook, you can simply ask HelloEgg what you can cook by telling it what ingredients you have around the kitchen or what leftovers you have in the refrigerator. The AI delves into its memory to try to come up with some suggestions for you to cook.

HelloEgg is partly AI and partly human-powered. Basically, here’s a lineup of what it can do in the kitchen:

  • Answer your questions, whether related to the kitchen or not.
  • Tell stories (truly).
  • Play online games with you or against you.
  • Make voice notes.
  • Give suggestions and advice related to the kitchen.
  • Read news and give weather forecasts.
  • Control smart kitchen appliances.
  • Is wireless and mobile.
  • Keeps a lively conversation going.
  • Play music from streaming devices.
  • Give a display to play detailed recipe videos.

HelloEgg is the creation of Internet of Things-focused company RnD64 and wants to bring this cooking helper into the market as a simple one-stop electronic device. According to the company’s CEO, Dmytro Shemet, “Having conducted market research, we found that the average person spends around 400 hours a year in the kitchen. That’s around 3 years. We realized that modern kitchen assistance and entertainment can’t be reduced to voice tutorials and music streaming, but it should also include video instructions, real-time human help, and much more.”

HelloEgg starts shipping in February 2017, and is currently available for pre-order at the company’s official website.

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